May 8, 2007

Pondering Cincotti and Bublé

This is a busy week for me, so tonight is an odd post: There is never a dearth of young crooner guys who start their careers mimicking Frank, Tony et al. I suppose these guys want Harry Connick's career.

Michael Bublé Everything:

Michael Bublé is just cheesy enough to say, "I am an entertainer. I love my life" in his EPK, but I admit his ballads do appeal to me. With the exception of his great Nina Simone cover, Feeling Good, I find the uptempos to be a bit cruise-shippy. His single Home was a favorite of 2005, but this new original, Everything, is not as good. If we just imagine it written for his cool girlfriend Emily Blunt (she of Devil Wears Prada), it seems more acceptable.

Peter Cincotti Goodbye Philadelphia:

23 yo Peter Cincotti isn't as famous as Bublé, but has a fan base who is likely much older. More musician than crooner, he seems to be taking a leap away from jazz with this single from a full album of original songs, something Bubble Boy needs to attempt. I'm straddling the fence (ouch) on Goodbye Philadelphia, trying to understand who he wants to be here. Part of me says run, as there are some truly dodgy America lyrics on the verses, but I like the chorus. Note that poor Peter has only 37 friends on his myspace page. Maybe he's picky.

PS: American Idol sucked tonight!


Dan said...

I have always preferred Cincotti over Buble, although I have to be in a mood to listen to either one for more than a few songs. iTunes has a 3 song EP of Cincotti's out today which I purchased that features "Goodbye Philadephia."

Buble has always seemed a little too loungy for me - something that I kind of like but not really (if that makes any sense.) I was a bit disappointed in Cincotti's last album though - I'll be eager to see how he does with no standards and all original material.

Paul said...

both of them have produced pretty good tunes here and there that i keep returning to. I'm not a huge fan of the genre but when i'm in the right mood, either of these guys will do. Not too hard on the eyes either (god how shallow)

Poster Girl said...

I'm intrigued to listen to Cincotti as soon as I'm on a computer that will let me.

I hear Buble puts on a great show--I've never been, but I have some friends who worship him. He's not really "my thing," I suppose.

And yes, American Idol was awful.