May 16, 2007

M: Lyrics done in 30 seconds!

UPDATED: Oy vey! This is just what you'd expect from a Madonna charity single: Hey You has "nice" strings, but insipid lyrics and some mighty streee-ange vocals. The middle eight is freakish (it appears twice) - listen to how she sings the line, "Don't rely on anyone ehhhellse" at about 1:45. ODD. Cats are crying. With Southern accents.

The song sounds nothing like the usual Pharrell Williams productions. Why bother using him? I would have guessed Patrick Leonard or someone like that. Whatever. Here is the good news: you can get it now on MSN, free, for seven days:

Download Hey You legally for free

The first million downloads of Hey You will be free as Microsoft has pledged to donate $0.25 per download to the Alliance for Climate Protection (for the first million downloads). Or maybe Al Gore...


J'ason D'luv said...

Madge is now eco-friendly; this song is made from 97% recycled material.

Tricky said...

D'Luv: devastating.

'Open your heart'; 'Keep it together'? I was wondering for a second if she was going to tell us that 'nothing really matters'. Maybe that's in verse 2.

One can only hope she's keeping the good stuff for the album, which on the basis of this tripe, I am suddenly so happy to wait until 2008 for.

countpopula said...

Ugh...I know her heart was in the right place...right???

Adem IAR said...

bah. i love the middle 8 and think it's actually what saves this from being a waste of time.

it's not fantastic, but i really don't think it's as bad as everyone's making it out to be. it's a charity song that's going to have nothing to do with her next album. i can bet she either decided she was going to quickly whip up a song for live earth and had this done in a few minutes, or just had the song already recorded with p, waiting to be sliced onto the cutting room floor. i can just hear her saying "that'll do" whilst scanning her already recorded songs and stumbling on this one.

xolondon said...

Adem to the rescue! :) When Madonna is bad, fans tend to look on the bright side while the public screeches with derision and say "We told you she is OVER!"

This may be the case with Hey You criticism.

It's a "nice" charity single, so bully for her. It has some "unusual" bits (like that middle 8), I admire her *attempt* at falsetto, and I am intrigued by the strange Southern accent (US, not UK) coming out of her on this.

But she's a mature artist and she can take the heat: the lyrics are among the worst she has EVER done and the melody is quite sing-song.

She is capable of more than "that'll do," yes? Only the strings, which sound like ocean waves at certain moments, are really worthy. Maybe it is best to blame Pharell.

Can you imagine the big Live Earth singalong for this? Oh dear. Tricky, you and Phil should go with lighters/cell phones!

Adem IAR said...

I know, it's very predictable of Adem isn't it, defending Madonna with his every last breath :) Honest to god xo, I just cannot help it.

The lyrics, yes, they're kak, but at least she hasn't been given the task of finding something that rhymes with "New York" again. I'm going to say that it's an odd song that I am enjoying; it's more Enya than Madonna, but I don't really mind it. It could very well be my absolute bias toward almost anything that woman pushes out shining through, I don't know.

She's definitely capable of more than "that'll do", but I guess I really wasn't expecting anything more once i'd heard the news to be honest, especially with it just being a download only song, for an event most people watching at home are going to fall asleep through (which is exactly what happened to me 3 hours into the 785 hour long Live8).

Pharell. I'm still confused as to what contribution he's actually made to this song? The marching drums perhaps? It's all a bit "Hollaback Girl" without actually being anything like it whatsoever, now that I think about it.

Contrary to popular belief, there have indeed been some songs of Esther's I absolutely hate. ;)

Not many, but it has happened.

Dan said...

This song reminds me a lot of "One More Chance" from the Something To Remember project. It leaves no cliche unused, but in the end, is not terrible. The lyrics are God awful and honestly, I wasn't expecting a ballad!

So while not making my stomach turn or anything, it's certainly a rather odd entry into her musical repertoire.

Tricky said...

Hey, listen, let's look on the bright side, it's not 'American Pie'!

Equally, a stand-alone single needs to be stunning. She's done it before (Hello, 'Beautiful stranger') but this is not one of those times, and I concur with Dan that it's cut from her 'One more chance' songbook (and I'm reminded of 'I'll remember' and 'This used to be my playground' too).

I am surprised this one didn't give her the 'wrong tingles' she mentioned in that great Attitude interview promoting Confessions. I am an unashamed huge fan, and 'that'll do' is not enough from an artist with her back catalogue to live up to.

I won't be at Live Earth that night with my lighter/mobile/digicam, but -true story!- the private room at The Ivy.

Sorry Phil...

DanProject76 said...

Oh dear what a horrible song! 'Insipid' just sums it up perfectly... I wish she wouldn't keep doing these horrible things!

Whereas that 'Super Pop' song of hers that I found somewhere on the internet recently is not bad at all.

PinkieDust said...

Not awful but not good either.

Madonna should never try to sing those high notes.

Ever Again.

Madonna has a very interesting "voice" doesnt she?

Someone should do a proper study on it someday.

Zbyszek said...

this bit:
'(...) first love yourself, then you can love someone else(...)'
is a bit Enya, isn't it?

Paul said...

like Natalie Imbruglia, I'm Torn. How 90s. Which is appropriate because this track is kinda 90s. Having said that i did like One More Chance a lot. Can't remember why but i know i did. Sometimes songs grab me instantly (like Hung Up) and sometimes they grow (like Take A Bow). I'll listen again over the weekend...