May 13, 2007

La Bex can still move while the music plays

On Monday Sophie releases the CD of her new single Me And My Imagination. The b-sides are quite delish, especially the disco-tastic Move To The Music, which she should have saved for a hits collection because the lyrics are surely meant to be sung by an old woman: "All of my yesterdays, the highs and lows... but I can still move while the music plays." No dodgy hips for Mrs. Jones. The album is due on May 21; wasn't it 2006 that we started hearing the first of these new songs?

photo from Sophie Ellis-Bextor Online

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countpopula said...

My apologies, XO, as I feel I am coming late to the SEB table. I am glad you feel so strong championing her, because I just realized how much I liked Catch You, and how much I enjoy the new single as well. If this & the great new B-side (Move) are any indication, I'll be buying this CD in the next few days when released. I thought her first CD was OK-ish, but this seems a bit more bulls-eye for me. Plus she is incredibly beautiful to boot.