May 26, 2007

Kylie: Hurry up and get a groove on

If you click to enlarge the pic of Kylie and her Main Gay William, you'll see that he is wearing a Kylie hoodie. Should I create XO hoodies and other products for my friends to wear when they are with me? That wouldn't be narcissistic at all, would it? I am, after all, a conglomerate.

Anyway, this won't be a huge post. Kylie's songs are usually great pop tracks, but not always groundbreaking, you know? They don't often speak of her personal life or, you know, the situation in the Green Zone. What she does best is pick melodic tracks that would sound great at the beach, toodling around town, etc. Songs you actually play again and again as you live your life. Music that seeps into your brain quickly, but not songs I can really expound upon.

Here are some of the songs that may or may not end up on Kylie's next album:

Fall For You
Starts like Sophie's Catch You and becomes a crunchy synth thang. One of the better leaks, it is single worthy. The "Authority" on the PopJustice boards says this is actually from the Body Language sessions, but it sounds more current to me. Recent pop songs have a harder guitar edge, a la Beware Of The Dog or Shut Up And Drive.

This is rumored to be new. Another single-worthy song. Why is that so many girl singers release shit? Because Kylie has scooped up all the catchy songs. She throws away gems! I bet she sleeps in Versace gowns too. Anyway, this one is really uplifting, with an earworm chorus.

In My Arms
How do you describe a feeling? I love spoken bits... This is said to be one of the Calvin Harris outtakes [Nov 07 edit: it's not a Calvin song] and that's believable. It has that chewy old 80's synth sound. It's fine, but doesn't make me run around screaming. Other folks think this is the best of the lot.

Lose Control
Nice Moroder-esque Eurodisco. Starts with that dirty, farty synth and some slowed down vocals. I think this sounds Body Language-esque, but the PJ board man says it's new. Very Pop Musik with a nice shimmery Kylie chorus.

This would be very cool were it not for that annoying "Wooh!" running through it. At first I thought it may be some anti-leak device (a la "AOL first listen"!), but the effect fades in certain spots, so I think it's a part of the song. It's actually a Serge Gainsbourg sample and it needs to be used more sparingly.

Note that another song leaked recently called When The Cat's Away, but I don't like that one so much.


Robpop said...

Xo, that annoying "Woah" is a sample from a Gainsbourg hit single ;-). Along with Lose Control it thus makes it the most interesting of the recent leaks.

When the cats away (along with Excuse My French) were flatly denied to be kylie. Unlike these demos.....

xolondon said...

Thanks for corrections, petal. The woah is annoying - just because it's Serge, doesn't mean it's good.

Anonymous said...

Parlophone are NOTORIOUS for denying Kylie leaks are actually Kylie.

They furiously denied 'Made Of Glass' had ever been demo'd by Kylie, when it was announced that Girls Aloud planned to release the Kylie cast-off.

They again denied Kylie had ever recorded it, when Made of Glass immediately thereafter leaked onto the net, claiming it was a session singer. (Despite it clearly being Kylie.)

The Kylie Made Of Glass leak gained widespread popularity, and then all of a sudden, Girls Aloud deny ever having made an announcement about releasing it.

A few months later, it quietly turned up as the B-side on Kylies' 'Giving You Up'.

(FYI: At least one head rolled at 'Metro', the production team responsible for both Kylie & Girls Alouds demo's - and thereafter, the subsequent leak.)

Suffice to say... if Parlophone ever denies it's Kylie - you can guarantee it's Kylie. (As 'Excuse My French' and 'When The Cat's Away' CLEARLY are too.)

Furthermore, what songs were xolondon listening too? All these songs were utter rubbish.

Tuneless and penned straight from the 'My Lil Book Of Cliche'd Regurgitated Pop Lyrics' school of 'exploiting the gays cause they'll buy any old crap'.


Enough Souless Pop-by-numbers, Kylie. Quit feigning asthma, take the pencils out of your nostrils and actually remind people you can sing as well as be a strumpet. Furthermore, give us "Impossible Princess II".

xolondon said...

Let me throw down the gauntlet: If you're going to post a fucking homophobic (or self-hating?) comment like "Exploiting the gays cause they'll buy any old crap" you do it without beinbg anonymous or it gets deleted.

I don't know who you are anon or how you have this knowledge (or how anyone does - there is only one person who has the access to get this info and even he doesn't have it), but this is not a fan board where we one up each other on our artist knowledge.

Sorry you don't like the songs. Considering most of her tracks are of this ilk, you must be frequently disappointed.

Dan said...

I agree - Kylie's B-sides could wipe the floor with some other female singers lead singles. I bought a bootleg of Kylie's unreleased stuff at a record store in Chicago and was AMAZED at how good it was. One of my friends who was not crazy about the Body Language CD said that any song off the Unreleased CD that I had was better than the entirety of the Body Language CD.

I was not a fan of Body Language, but I think that's a bit harsh.

Anonymous said...

I loved the album 'cause it wasn't Fever II which is what everyone wanted except me. I could've done without Red Blooded Woman but everything else was good, especially Lovin Days.

Out of all these demos I really like the synthy Calvin Harris one particularly the "in my arms" bit.

I too wish she would go back to singing like she used to do, that's what made the Kylie Minogue 94 album for me, her singing.

I think many in the US would be amazed if they gave that album a listen, since so many believe her to be a sexy disco puppet.

DanProject76 said...

I like the woah. Am I not gay enough? :-)

Indeed, the various non-released tracks I have on a CD are played far more than Body Language. How odd.

Anonymous said...

I have my reasons for prefering to remain anonymous, and you'll just have to trust that they are good ones.

My comments weren't meant homophobically. It's simply widely acknowledged, even by Kylie herself, that the over-whelming majority of her hardcore fanbase, is gay.

And with hardcore fans, if you stick the official logo on it; they'll buy it in their droves.

Take the Kylie Doll for instance. I personally know four gay men in the thirties, who, not so much 'went out'; but actually 'rushed out' and bought it on it's day of release, from Argos.

A dolly / Grown men, who are gay. A lump of plastic tat with a Kylie logo on it / An inexplicably eager market for it.

Boiling that down into cold-hard marketing terms, it simply *is* the quite a mercinary exploitation of Kylies hardcore fanbase, (the gays); by giving them a crappy product and knowing, for a fact, they'll buy it.

I apologise however, to anyone I offended with the rather glib summation of that concept, when I said 'exploiting the gays cause they'll buy any old crap'.

As for your statement that "there is only one person who has the access to get this info and even he doesn't have it" - that's not quite the case.

Take these latest leaks for example. It's actually quite widely known who has leaked them. It's being openly discussed across many fan sites even. People I know to be 'the leakers' close real-life freinds have stated, as fact, that - 'Yes, Elle leaked them.'

The interesting thing here; the story that isn't being covered, is who 'Elle' is, in the greater scheme of things.

Elle, or Ellectricka as she is otherwise known, runs both Kylie and Dannii's official Myspace pages; and has done so for many years. She is listed amongst both Kylie & Dannii's top four freinds, despite having very openly leaked many other Kylie demo's across many Kylie forums - and having done so under her own name. And has done so for years.

(Made of Glass is pretty much the only example of a song she wasn't responsible for leaking.)

So one has to ask themselves the following questions. Why, when Parlophone know who's leaking these songs, do they allow her to run Kylies official Myspace page? Are these leaks in fact simply a clever viral marketing devise? Have they simply 'given' Elle these 45 demos & told gher to go for it, in an effort to drum up interest in Kylies forthcoming album? And if not, why is Elle still running an official marketing channel when she illustrated for years, she's clearly quite openly leakier than the Titanic?

As for my own frequent disappointment in Kylie... yes, it's true. After hearing what she's capable of vocally, on tracks such as Automatic Love, Take Me With You & Love Takes Over Me - it's heartbreaking to her her wince & whiney her way breathlessly through dross like Chocolate and these latest leaks.

I actually quite enjoyed Sensitized apart from the vocal.

xolondon said...

Thanks for responding.

See it from my POV: fans concoct all sorts of ideas about what is happening, (learned) opinions etc. I have no idea who is who or who to believe (which is why I mentioned the only source I trust). You could be a fan who is making a guess or you could be someone with experience like... Alexis Strum (!) or some person really "inside." If we know that Elle is the leaker, we don't know why or who Elle is.

While it is nice that the songs get heard rather than languish in vaults, it seems unfair to those who created the music with Kylie. Like she is giving away their work without their consent. Am I right? Why not just release them to itunes in some sort of new model whereby sets of songs are released periodically and proper royalties go out.

Truth is, too many songs like this would cheapen her brand I suppose, so why not give them back to the creators to use with other artists? Poor Rachel needs some new songs and clearly Mutya could have used a better track or two. The writers can't be happy with this arrangement (see Peter Robinson's talk with Calvin Harris re Roisin Murphy on PJ).

I understand your concerns re bad product and exploitation of fans, though, and I agree.

Couldn't one one classify "I Believe In Love" as a strong Kylie vocal? Interesting that one was created by true Kylie fans. I meant what I said: that her songs are frequently not worth deep examination. She comes across as not being overly involved, unlike Madonna, and yet she generally maintains some standard. I didn't love Body Language, but I thought she was trying to market to an American audience on that one.

I should add that I am about the only person to ever like Chocolate! I thought it had a certain elegance.

We don't know what she'll put it out, but one would hope there are some major songs that push her a bit... we'll see. It's a big album for her.

countpopula said...

Wow, who knew Kylie could stir up so much controversy? I haven't heard any of these yet, but if they are anything like the previous Kylie leaks, those were a bit subpar, weren't they? I know she's just been through a traumatic illness, but it still surprises me that she decided to go back on the road and finish that physically exhausting tour rather than putting out a new album which would have been easier on her frame.

To that end, I would like to thank XO again for the recommend of Sophie Ellis-Bextor's "Trip the Light Fantastic", as I just bought my copy of the British CD import a couple days ago (w/the two bonus tracks--cost almost $35!--had to have "Supersonic"), as I am really enjoying that right now, much more than I would have ever expected. I love the way she sings in her indie-posh speaking tone, and the arrangements are simply flawless.

DanProject76 said...

I agree that it's true about the gays buying any old tat.

Except me of course, I am notoriously fussy!

It makes perfect sense for these 'leaks' to be a cynically controlled exercise. It gets everyone talking and it costs a lot less than a proper media blitz. If the songs are good then be glad you can hear them.

Anonymous said...

I really like Sensitized and it is in fact my favourite of the leaked tracks.

I had no idea that Kylie originally recorded Rachel Stevens' SECRET GARDEN but as XO stated on the PJ boards, it is rather shit so I am not surprised it ended up excised from BODY LANGUAGE.

The issue is, there are a couple of filler tracks on BODY LANGUAGE which should never have made it to the final cut and one does wonder how some of these gems that have just leaked were voted off.

With so many excellent recordings, Kylie should never have any dud songs on her records, but somehow we do end up with drivel like "AFTER DARK" and "OBSESSION".

Not good!

Anonymous said...

Rachel's track 'Je M'appelle' was originally written for Michelle McManus' debut album; however the record company very wisely decided to keep it for someone a bit more 'befitting' such a sulty & sexual number.

Can you even begin to IMAGINE how halariously appauling Michelles' video for THAT would have been?!

'Come baby -
Right this way...
I will live what you say
Je m'appelle Michelle...
Fire away'

HAHAHAHAHA! **laughs up a little sick** :-D

xolondon said...

Ahh, Anon, you reach the bottom and continue to dig.

I can think of plenty of people more deserving of a snide slam than Michelle McManus.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, it's all getting a bit catty isn't it? Sigh.

I rather like the new songs. But they've disappeared from the wide wide web, so I'm hoping they might actually make the final album [until then, look up ultimatemrboogie's cover of 'lose control' on youtube, it's just fab].

I also liked most of body language [inc chocolate, which did definately have an elegance, though it might have been squashed a bit by overt hip-hoppy production, like ppor 'someday']. Liked Impossible Princess too [best album ever, tho why 'love takes over me' wasn't on it I'll never understand].

I guess I fall into that Kylie-logoed-hungry gay demographic... and I love it!