May 25, 2007

Kylie at Cannes

Crazy ass Shazzer Stone improvised some la-la-la's with Kylie in Cannes.

Coming up: XO reviews the new Kylie leaked tracks and celebrates Kylie's birthday by eating cake, etc etc.


Robpop said...

It was planned ;-) But if you go to YCTL, check out the french clip of the event posted by Pinkiedust. Its much better than that darn GMTV one. It shows kylie dancing to a S.S record and brushing off a ligger.

Can't wait to hear what you say about the newish/newly leaked tracks. On yet another hearing of Lose Control i am hearing Dare by The Gorillaz

The Richard said...

Lorraine Kelly is undeserving of presence on your blog. The queen (small q) of blaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.

Kylie: bliss ... but I am with Robpop, this does not suddenly happen that a jazz band has an arrangement of 'Can't get you out of my head'

Can't wait to hear your p.o.v. on the leaks. I have my hot (over-excited) little hands on them.

xolondon said...

Easy tigers! I have no clue who Lorraine is- never seen her in my life. I will edit this post to keep you bitches happy.

Adem With An E said...

Sharon Stone, like crack, is whack. Certainly provides great entertainment at all her public appearances these days though.

Oh, and on "Lose Control", I'm hearing nothing but Trans X's "Living on video". Very ace.

DanProject76 said...

My puny brain can't work out what the loopy sample on Sensitized is. But I do know it!

Robpop said...

Dan, i mention the sample on DSTP ;-)

Its rather french