May 16, 2007

The Grand Old Lady of Indie-Land speaks

Lots of news from diva-come-lately Tracey Thorn:

First, there is a new single in early June for the gorgeous Raise The Roof. The song's producer Tom Gandey did both club and dub mixes, and there is a mix by Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve that Tracey says is "flutes n beats, baby, it's the future." There's also a new video - she's not in it - with a theme of Internet dating. To add pleasure to the pleasure, the single will have 2 new b-sides, both Stephin Merritt (ne Magnetic Fields) covers. She says they are solo tracks, "just me, playing things like piano and omnichord and solina." One cover is The Book Of Love and the other is Smoke and Mirrors,

Tracey also posts this tale of woe:

I put my back out bending over to tie someone's shoelaces (I am 93, you know). Went to the osteopath, who manhandled me a bit, then told me to go home and drink plenty of water and rest. Instead of which I accidentally went out with Ben, drank lots of wine and ended up at the Figurines gig at the Enterprise down in Camden. Appropriately for my age, though, I sat on a stool throughout, and felt like the Grand Old Lady of Indie-Land.
Note that the 3rd single will be the Temperamental-esque Grand Canyon!

Read Tracey's post here


Adem IAR said...

I am so excited at the "Grand Canyon" news, seeing as that it's my very favourite song on the album. The thought of what the clip will entail excites me to no end.

Tricky said...

I totally adore 'Grand Canyon'. This is wonderful news. I'm with you Adem on this one ;-)

New tracks and, well, frankly, Tracey singing the back of a beer mat, are also very good news.

midnight lounge said...

...I secretly hoped another track would be selected as the third single. The less gay club-friendly "Get Around To It" has great legs. "Grand Canyon" whether released or not, would have made its way to the clubs somehow.

Ah well - Out of the Woods is still my favoritest album of 2007. And, based on how the scene is shaping up, 2008 as well.

J'ason D'luv said...

Just heard "Raise The Roof" at Starbucks, and thought of your punk ass.