May 13, 2007

Ella ella eh eh eh

Rihanna's Umbrella. Really, it's a pop music monolith. A major song, almost as big as Crazy In Love. It will be interesting to see 1) how it does in the US, where we (no, they) don't know a good song from a turd on a sidewalk and 2) if the album is crap like everyone is predicting. So far she has three good tracks leaked, so all will be revealed, probably before it's offically out on June 5. One thing is clear so far - Jay Z is not afraid to push Rhi-rhi to the POP.

I want to draw your attention to a Rihanna remix post at Mixed Up In Glitter. The Linderberg Palace mixes and the Jody Den Broder Lush mixes are absolutely sublime. The former is a hyper-energy piece that recalls Pet Shop Boys and ends lovely strings. The latter has a clubbier feel with rubbery synths - it will sound fabulous on some blingy club sound system.

I was musing to my peeps that this song is zeitgeist enough that drag queens would be well served to strip down a couple of 'roidy gymbots, hand them umbrellas, and do a slammin' hot routine. It's the new Weather Girls!

Oh yes, Rihanna has never looked better.


Tricky said...


... and the best part? No bin man shouting.

Trixie said...

Ace. Thanks for that remix link!

Tricky said...

Been listening to all your recommendations and they are just fantastic, as I said above, but wondered what you'd say if I suggested that the Lindbergh Palace people had been listening to 'Hung Up' quite a lot?

Like, possibly the bassline might have been 'accidentally' playing in the background while they made the track?! I mean the main remix, particularly around 2:54...

Yuяi said...

This is going to be a monster hit for Ri. I'm predicting another #1 is in store for her.

And does Jay-Z need to personally get involved on EVERY Def Jam/Island project? Like maybe she couldn't "bring it" without him? I prefer the "no rap" version myself.