May 27, 2007

Classics: Goin' out my head

The Kylie post below (and its resulting comments) got me to thinking about an artist and a song I love. Many of the people who read this blog probably did not at the time this song, Bad Haircut, was being played 24/7 on my iPod. Strangely, I have never seen the video above. Not sure how I missed it, because it's quite good! I must have looked for it on youtube at the time? Anyway, the message is this: gamers will break your heart. Do not cling to them because they are smokin' hot.

Alexis Strum had a song on my 2006 Top 20 Songs list and there is more on her here, along with my fave Alexis post. I'd love to say "Buy her album" but you can't. She never had one released. Got completely fucked over by her label.

So, years late, here is her video for the amazing Bad Haircut, a song that will fool you at first, it seems so straightforward, when it's actually an epic breakup song with a gorgeous melody.


Paul said...

it may well have been you who introduced me to Alexis and this infinitely beautiful song, it's just so delicious and lovely. I put it on again straight away as soon as i watched the vid, and got lost in a world of melancholy mixed with melody...

Doron said...

Thanks for posting this. Cocoon is one of my all-time favourite albums. STAY UNTIL SUMMER remains one of the most played songs on my iPod and I always get sad thinking how she was cheated out of a career as a mega popstar.
Anyway - this video was originally shown on her official website a couple of months before the initial planned release date for the single. The record company then postponed the release and made a new video for the song. I only watched it once when they first featured it on that website so it is nice to be remninded of it now.