February 10, 2007

XOvision v.3

Mark Ronson Recording the album Version

Not sure which track they are doing the strings for, but it sounds great. Mark is la bombe and this record is going to be huge. Especially on this blog.

Brett Anderson Love Is Dead

Finally, the official video. Two comments: 1) Brett needs to eat more food. He looks like Michael Jackson in the opening sihouette. 2) The vocals are too flat on the mix. It sounds like they've have been slapped on top - they need more air. That said, nice song.

The Duke Special Freewheel

Happy bears! My favorite song of the moment: an instant classic. Stick with it until the soaring chorus and you'll see what I mean. Actually,, this might be a slightly quieter mix - it sounds bigger on the MP3. Duke Special reminds me of Badly Drawn Boy and Mull Historical Society. A one-man show. More on him soon - he is all I play right now.

Tracey Thorn It's All True

Clever but I'd rather see her a wee bit more. Music in my ears and everything.


RPC said...

Am I stroking Suede the wrong way, or is that Bernie's old sparring partner Brett Anderson singing there...?

Love the song. Crystalised nihilism, just in time for v-day.

DanProject76 said...

It is indeed Brett Anderson and not Bernard. Love it but you know that already.

Ronson? Been loving it for ages and all of the tracks I have already are played all the time here. Especially the mental Smiths cover!

Duke Special? Never heard of him... but thanks for a new thing for me to love and track down.

You really are the best music blog ever.

xolondon said...

Thanks you very much Dan! Nicest thing anyone has "said" to me in awhile!

Frankly Mr Shankly said...

Not '' Bernand Butler '', '' Brett Anderson ''

xolondon said...

I was like "Why is everyone talking about Bernard?" Didn't even notice I had done that until Mr Shankly (nice name!) said it too.

countpopula said...

I picked up the Duke Special CD about 3 months ago--I love it. Badly Drawn Boy with Aimee Mann's melodic sensibility. Very cute video, although I'd echo your Tracey Thorn comment and say--"I'd like to see him a wee bit more". Her vid is great as well, but more of her please. Cannot wait for her CD to drop--it's been way too long since hearing her voice on something new.

Brett sounds pretty good. Guess I was one of about eight people who really loved his reunion with Bernard Butler two years ago on the Tears album (basically Suede MKII). Hopefully they will work more together, although that album sold much less than expected thanks to a botched promotion job by their record company. That writing reunion alone should have garnered huge attention. I know Brett has had substance issues off and on, but I met him in 96, and he was one of the nicest rockers I've met. Shame about his vocals on the last Suede album--all that cracking and breaking seemed like some kind of result of too many drugs or too much strained singing. He got the voice back for the Tears though--check them if you haven't. They had some really excellent songs.

jsd said...

Judging by the background music, the strings in the Mark Ronson video are for Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before.