February 26, 2007

XOvision 4.0: All plans are golden in your hand

Klaxons Golden Skans

An amazing new song - the audio version is 2:48! - that may pass by the pop set wihout the right exposure. This song intersects pop, disco, Beach Boys and Britrock. It is urgent and sexy, as is the video. Find the MP3 here.

Pleasure Out Of Love

Cowbell lust. You've heard this song on many blogs, so here's the video. Gus Gus singer Heidrun Bjornsdottir does the vocals, but wouldn't it rock if one of these producers would grab a cute girl from J-pop and make her a star in Sweden? Harajuku via Stockholm. Anyway, I fucking love the "darling darling" vamp that begins as a background vocal at 3:15 and runs through to the abrupt end. The MP3 for this song is at Homoeclectic among others.

Melody Club Fever Fever

Did the Melody Club album Scream ever come out? I found this via - I don't know who? Alien Hits? - last Fall and the video is out now. There is something very Stuart Price-y about this song, but with a glam element. If a (Swedish) hair metal band went pop, they'd be Melody Club. And I have to say, this song is superior to what The Ark is doing now. Sorry Ola.


RPC said...

That Pleasure record. By bizarre coincidence I got hold of a copy yesterday (there's a link a bunch of WMV files on Arjan, but it involves technological witchcraft to get it into iTunes) and listened to this track about eight times back-to-back yesterday afternoon shouting 'BLONDIE LIVES!'.

On the topic of coincidence, I was listening to the Kaiser Chiefs become number one on Sunday night on Radio 1 and immediately that had finished, Dave Pearce's Dance Anthems came on. His first track? A new dance remix of ... 'Dare Me' by The Pointer Sisters. Now that's just spooky...

J'ason D'luv said...

Pleasure, meet Stefy and Morningwood. They'll be training you on drive-through by summer.

I guess I'd bang that singer from Klaxons...

xolondon said...

Sorreeee. You are a "smug married" so you cannot do that. Sexy singletons CAN!