February 9, 2007

Written in the stars

Thanks to D'luv for sending me the info on Rufus Wainwright's new album, Release the Stars, coming out on May 15. Neil Tennant "executive produced" the album, but it's actually self-produced by Rufus. Want producer Marius DeVries mixed it (good!) Guests are Richard Thompson, Joan Wasser (isn't she Joan As Police Woman?) and the actress Siân Phillips.

Rufus is a great artist to be a fan of because he incredibly prolific. There are constantly little tracks being released for special projects, live tracks leaking, etc. But his album are gems. I firmly believe that Want One will be on all the lists in 2011 as one of the finest records of this decade. It is certainly one of my desert island discs and has never worn out.


1 Do I Disappoint You

2 Going To A Town

3 Tiergarten

Tiergarten is a park in Berlin, though one wonders if there are layers of puns in that title.

4 Nobody's Off The Hook

5 Between My Legs
live video

When the rocket ships all fall, and the bridges, they all buckle
And everybody's packing up their station wagons
There's a number you can call, like a breast that you can suckle
And we quietly will exit as it all is happening again
'Cause there's a river running underground, underneath the town
Towards the sea,
That only I know all about
On which from this city we can flee
full lyric from live version

6 Rules And Regulations

7 I'm Not Ready To Love

8 Slideshow

9 Tulsa

10 Leaving For Paris
This song has actually already had an official live release...

I pray you won't follow through the crooked streets behind me
full lyric from live version

11 Sanssouci
Who will be at Sanssouci tonight?
The boys that made me lose the blues tonight, and then my eyesight
All together, playing games of cards
Gambling the tiny shards of brass, once my heart
full lyric from live version

12 Release The Stars


torr said...

cool, looking forward to this album. want 1 & especially 2 were a bit too "epic" for me.

and yes, Joan Wasser is indeed Joan As Police Woman.


(who i'll be seeing at sxsw)

DanProject76 said...

I could have bet money on you posting about this today!

The live song was indeed from Jools Holland and with Mister Bacharach. I love Rufus, he's such a pretentious old queen!