February 1, 2007

Video Premier: Discotheque Francais

by Matinee Club (aka The Modern)

I am not sure what to say?! I am curiously unmoved. It's a year late and the new mix is odd, with the verses (male vox) buried in the mix. Looks like someone let loose the purse strings though. WWII noir. Thoughts?

I just want to hear an album, that is all. The band is back in the studio now, so no release date in sight.

Oops, sorry Arjan, I saw your post just after I did mine. Great minds think alike. Read Arjan for a more complete take on this video.


J'ason D'luv said...

Hey, I like this song! I almost got Matinee Club confused with Melody Club. Whatever happened to them, by the way??

Yuri said...

I have to say that I was stoked to finally see some action from Matinee Club. Sure, the vid is a bit over the top, the song's been around the internets awhile, and the mix is different, but hey, I'm still excited. :) Maybe the new record company will get them noticed? Hope so.

Joseph said...

I rather liked this, particularly the Gary Numan synthy bits in the chorus. It's a nice modern approximation of Berlin. Shame the girl looks like a cheap Alison Goldfrapp.

Still, it will be interesting to hear the album.