February 7, 2007

Tracey: Right here once more

Less than a month until Tracey Thorn releases for her first new music in a 8 years (and her first solo album in about 25!). Her video is out now - it's clever, if a little disappointing because Tracey is so tiny in it that you can't see her. Whatever, she has maintained herself in spite - or because - of 3 children. See the evidence below.

Meanwhile, Tracey has a very funny post on her myspace page. Check out the best bit here...

Ben and I have a new game, which should be called Competitive Airplay, or something. His first release on his new alt-rock label, strange feeling, is a track by the Figurines called Silver Ponds. It's going very well so far, so we have these conversations at dinner, which are very polite and mutually supportive, but with a subtle, and hilarious, edge, only detectable to each other.

Ben: So we got 3 plays on Steve Lamacq this week.
Me: Wow, that's fantastic. (Pause)
Me: My video is going down very well at MTV
Ben: Great news! (Pause)
Ben: So. Did I tell you? The band are doing a session for xfm?
Me: Fantastic. (Pause)
Me: Dixon is really playing the Martin Buttrich remix of It's All True apparently!
Ben: That's excellent.

And so on, and so on.....We need a pencil and paper to keep score really. You can play too, all you need is a partner or friend who does the same, or similar, job that you do, and you compare recent successes! Good luck to you. May the best man win.


Yuri said...

As as Tracey "newbie"...I got hooked on Tracey pretty much from this site....where have I been?? LOL.. anyway, here's hoping the new CD is a smash worldwide. It def deserves to be. And the video is so creative. I agree it's a bummer you can't really see her!

J'ason D'luv said...

The publicist at Astralwerks said they're getting great reception to the promos they sent out. Here's hoping it's a critical as well as commercial success!

Love the '80s NYC dance vibe on some of the songs, ala Shannon's "Let The Music Play

xolondon said...

And Madonna's Madonna album D'luv. It's all very Reggie Lucas.

I think there is NO doubt that critics will approve.

Yuri has a lot of work to catch up on Tracey, yes!?

Adem IAR said...

I love her so.

My gosh, the songs I have heard from this album are AMAZING. On the tails of Patrick Wolf for Album of the year thus far I think.

xolondon said...

I'd flip that around and put her ahead of him, but his lyrics are superior, esp on Augustine.

Her best lyric on the new CD is, I think, Nowhere Near.

Brittle said...

I love the video! Especially because you can't see her (erm, does that sound insulting?). I mean, there's synchronized dancing! With umbrellas! AWESOME.

xolondon said...

Yes, insulting. I expect you to take a higher road. Go listen to Britney's leaked crap tracks, you brat.

RPC said...

Like G.Barlow sang, Have a little patience. But the wait for this is being interminable. I feel like a 4-year old on Christmas Eve.

J'ason D'luv said...

Oooh, I like Brittle! Great comment ;-)

XO, yes, you're right -- Tracey is very "Physical Attraction" on this album... you know, my mom got my dad Madge's first two albums when I was a kid, and they used to play them all the time in '84, '85. Is it any wonder, then...?

xolondon said...

Two bitches in a pod. How sweet!

What are you saying dluv. That your parents made you a gay disco child?

Brittle said...

No no no, it was really meant to...not be insulting. I just like how the video is kind of an anti-star video, defeating those who expect soft-focus Streisand type closeups. It's a bit like the opening of PSB's Performance tour: where most stars would come on stage to huge explosions and fireworks, Neil and Chris elect to have a line of identically-dressed (as schoolkids) dancers trot out, with them at the end of the line. At the shows I saw, this meant that it took a while for the audience to even realize that the stars were on stage, which: AWESOME.