February 17, 2007

She Whose Name Must Not Be Said

I don't even want to put the new pictures on my blog. It will sully it. But if you have not seen what Miss Redneck Superstar has done to herself now, well it's kind of creepy. I don't think there is even one post on this blog that features her actual name. I am not a fan, never will be, and I do not want her crazies coming to comment. I do like some of the songs. What is worth dicussing is the mutually dysfunctional relationship she has with the tabloid media. She's the first star to grow up (cough) in this new age and now we are seeing the results of that. It took a village to create this mess.

People are still wailing and gnashing over Anna Nicole, a woman who, at her low times was viewed as a kaching cash pot rather than someone who needed help. True also of Whitney. "She's a trainwwreck! Film it!" Both, along with C-Love, helped to engineer their own downfall by surrounding themselves with dangerous people who did not have their best interests at heart. I feel guilty for ever watching their TV shows. Both Whitney and Anna have/had similar traits - you got the idea that they could be sweet if nurtured properly, but you also got the idea that they were manipulative junkies. The TV shows blurred or edited the reality of how difficult it can be to be in the presence of an addict and how many people suffer tangentially.

A few things about Miss Redneck - she seems to have entered freefall this past week and one would hope someone just kidnaps her and tries to save her. Sure, her ex-assistant is very right that you cannot save another person but maybe you can put them into a situation where they really have to save themselves and they have professional help doing it? I don't know what I would do to help her. I guess I don't understand how to weigh the risk of letting another person hit "rock bottom" - she's got two children and rock bottom could be death, so is that a risk worth taking? My instinct is to run for the hills in fear, I am afraid.

Many have survived before: Whitney (knock wood, it's early days), La Love, Robert Downey Jr., even Weiland! It can be done. So fans can carry on about her next album, but there is serious work to be done before that. Maybe music wll be a part of her therapy, but really, get this girl out of the camera's eye and into a safe place. That's all I have to say on this topic. I am trying to ignore Miss Redneck on this blog until she is healthy and has some pop song I can declare genius or shit.

Now, back to regular posts! Will try to do a review of the brilliant, sweet Lily Allen show asap.


PinkieDust said...

Er. All shes done is shave her head. I do it all the time! Overaction.

J'ason D'luv said...

Well, this ought to make the paparrazzi leave her alone. Finally!

RPC said...

Eeeesh, it's not so much that she shaved her head, but the fact that this and so many other signifiers point to someone who is deeply, deeply unhappy and has seeminly nobody to cling to. I concur. Creepy and kind of sad.

I have to ask, where are her family? Who takes care of her children? Why is nobody looking after her?

Perhaps the best thing we (who bought her records and put her where she is) can do for her is just turn our eyes away.

xolondon said...

Er, Pinkie have you not been following the rest of her "antics" - she is self-medicated and clearly depressed. If that's an overreaction on my part, fine, it's still what I think. Will you say that when she ends up in the hospital for "exhaustion"?

On a lighter note, she actually looks better with her head shaved of the skanky hair, though we should woe the wigs she'll be wearing.

Don't worry though - that was my last post on her.

Paul said...

read question 11 in my jadion interview last sunday. that about sums it up. My current interest in this person musically? Zero. Still, lets hope she sorts herself out for her own sanity and the sake of her kids.

Yuri said...

Yeah, I think homegirl done went off the deep end...

Very very sad. We were all so proud of her when she dumped KFED, but it seems now like only a few days after that she fell in with Queen Skank Hilton and the rest is history.

I wonder if she's in a cult now?? Or maybe on the new Star Trek movie? Anyone thought of that? :)