February 27, 2007

Seven Songs

Okay Dan Man, you get the 7 songs per your request, but you do not get the chain mail effect wherein I ask 7 other people to do it. I have always had better luck breaking those chains! So, 7 songs I am into right now:

Out Of Love: Pleasure I already talked about this and the next song on the video post below. I want the CD and am not sure how to get it!?

Golden Skans: Klaxons From what I can tell, this song is a deviation for them. You saw what I said yesterday about it, makes me feel cool. Hype Machine links

Last Night I Nearly Died: Duke Special I haven't done a big Duke Special post yet, but I am quite taken by him. You hear him and think, "Well, you've been around forever, haven't you?" Hype Machine links

Time Machine: Boy George & Amanda Ghost
The return of El Boy? I thought he'd totally lost his voice - have you noticed he sounded like a gasping, old black woman on recent vocals? This is closer to what I liked about his voice before and clearly the lyrics are total O'Dowd. Find it via Google Blog.

Don't Look The Other Way: Pleasure
Pleasure again, with vocals by Justine Frischman, 90's Elastica gamine. 3 minutes of electropoprock of the Mirwais variety. Indie pop verses about pretty things with a big, synthy chorus. Makes me want to buy skinny jeans that my bits don't fit into.

And I Am Telling You (Dance Mix): Jennifer Hudson A killer 6 minute remix that's a combo of tacky club beats and electro moments with J Hud's vocals at the center. Wouldn't it be a hoot if I'd put up a dub instead? I'm stayin, stayin' and you and you, you're gonna love meeeeeeeeooohhhhhoohh!

Who Am I Kidding? WinterKids Another song that takes me back to playing the Best Of Britain or Graham Deane's Rock Over London on the radio circa 1983. Sweet, sweet song. Hunt it down on Hype Machine.

Not too folky this week am I?! Anyhoo, the awesome art is by Yoko Ikeno.


Zeon said...

Thanks for the tips on the Pleasure song! Really nice electropop.

Winterkids is amazing, too. I love 'Tape It' and 'Use Your Feet', too.

Anyway, you really should apply HaloScan (at haloscan.com) for comments. This Blogger codetyping thing can be annoying as hell.

xolondon said...

I hate Haloscan. End of story.

But WinterKids - yes, Tape It is great, though the album is not up those these songs. A lot of it sounds too close to all those horrid American kidrock bands that all descend from Green Day (with those kind of vocals).

torr.typepad.com said...

fyi: Marr plays on "The Right Stuff" which explains why the guitar riff sounds exactly like The Smiths' instrumental song "Money Changes Everything."