February 13, 2007

r'n'b Tuesday

For years I loved r'n'b music because deep inside I am... a phenomenal black woman. There was a lot of it to like in the early 90's, but slowly that well has dried up. This week I've been playing more r'n'b than I have in ages...


HRH M. J. Blige looked great and tore it up at the Grammy's. You can now download a beautiful version of Be Without You at iTunes US. This is a studio recording of the performance she gave Sunday night. It's both more organic and more orchestral and it climbs to an OTT ending.


Major news! Today Maxwell releases his new single, Fistfull of Tears, from his new album Black Summer's Night. Checkout his myspace to hear it [at some point today]... 10:40 pm - thanks for nada Max!


D'luvly got me into an amazing new Katharine McPhee / Babyface collaboration called Everywhere I Go that harkens back to the best of the Toni Braxton. This is what her whole CD should have been. Get it on iTunes US.


Go to AOL First Listen to hear the single and 3 clips

Elliott Yamin was my favorite of last year's Idol contestants. His debut/album is Movin' On and it's white choccie soul by way of John Legend and Craig David. I can't stand Legend anymore, so I hope Elliott will steal his fans and become rich, rich, rich. He's just ordinary people...

PS: This new version of Blogger has issues up the poonani.


J'ason D'luv said...

Slowly but surely, I'm coming to find you're a closet Idol fan.

But speaking of early '90s RnB, I've never been a fan of En Vogue, since that "ooooh BOP" song was so overplayed (what was it called?)... but I was on iTunes yesterday and played a clip of "Give It Up, Turn It Loose" and forgot how a) good that song was, and it sounds great now since it was only a minor hit and we weren't bombarded with it constantly like some of their others, and b) RnB used to be way more poppy and likeable back then, before it got all same-y and dealing lyrically with materialism and strippers.

xolondon said...

Give It Up is fantastic! I LOVE Runaway Love, which may be what you meant - the "higher and higher" bridge is beautiful. I could care less if I ever hear Free Your Mind or Whatta Man again though. The album tracks hold up well, like Love Don't Love You and Hip Hop Lover. Also some of the later songs they did with Diane Warren like Too Gone Too Long are v good.

This inspires me to a playlist with them, Brownstone, etc.

J'ason D'luv said...

No, I meant "Give It Up..." It just reminds me of driving around in my car during freshman year college. I remember "Runaway Love," too. "Never Gonna Get It" was the song whose title I couldn't remember -- that one was sooo overplayed, and I think everyone just got sick of them real quick.

Quick note: "Love Don't Love You" was actually a single, so not an album track in that sense.. it peaked at #36 here... I remember it getting some airplay back in the day.

Make sure you include Jade's "Don't Walk Away" on your playlist! A classic from 1993...

Paul said...

ooo i love en vogue. Free Your Mind, Give It Up Turn It Loose, and that solo hit by one of them, all lovely. And jade! Hurrah! And Swv - weak? Amazing! I will check out this katherine mccatpee you speak of. i miss good toni braxton hicks contraction.

Oh. It's Kristen Again. *sigh* said...

You are totally RnB - I am here to remind YOU that you were at the midnight release of Janet Jackson's album - Was it Velvet Rope? The one with "That's the way Love Goes" - you know, before Jennifer Lopez was famous? Imagine such a world!

xolondon said...

And it was YOU that pointed out the magnificence of those En Vogue tracks back in the days when we "slept together."

Yes, it was the "Janet" album. I came home really late and played it to a lit candle. LOL. And then I was very tired the next day. We know what happened to me, but whatever happened to poor Janet? I hear her story does not end well.