February 21, 2007

Mixtape: From blown speakers

Big news on PopJustice regarding Lorraine. Hurrah! I agree with everything he says about fixing them.

Reviews coming up soon of Just Jack and Patrick Wolf...git yer Patrique icons here.

That new remix of Yoko Ono on Arjan is really quite marvy. Loooove how he says he "had the pleasure of meeting Yoko Ono for the second time a few weeks ago." Yeah, bitch? Well I fucked her! Just to see the apartment, of course. If you get that obscure reference, you get a prize.

The Jam are reuniting, minus Paul Weller! That makes sense, considering he wrote and sang the songs. Expect a turnout of 10.

Britpop Brunch:

The parade of post-Arctic Monkeys spawn marches on with a zillion new grim BritPop bands full of vaguely educated boys who cannot play their instruments or clean their faces.
Snowfight In The City Centre is one of the few I have liked.

WinterKids are a bunch of teenagers from Peaslake,wherever that is. I'd like them even more if they'd let the little sister sing everything. Who Am I Kidding? makes me want to sway in a laundrette. And yes, they have lush art direction.

Follwing this, note that I have a Britpop tag, but it'll take awhile to populate it. I also have a Norway/Sweden tag!

Back to Europop, the new Jay Jay Johanson is blah. Sorry! And I don't want to hear Belinda Carlisle warble shoddy chansons du merde.

Also high in suckage is the new Brett Anderson CD. I am sad to say that, I hoped the messageboards would be wrong.

My new lamp!

Matinee Club. Jeebus. More mistakes being made there than Jet Blue (in-joke for the 5 Americans who read this blog). I am not laying down $24 for a box that has the CD single, video and a vinyl set of mixes. Please.

M: The thing is: I'm the fucking boss

Later Wednesday, a sneak peek at the new Lucky Soul artwork and a new MP3 from them...


RPC said...

She is the fucking boss.

re: Lucky Soul. Listened to that song 'Struck Dumb' you posted a week or so ago once. Thought nice. Then, at the weekend listened again. Again. Again. Again. And that's a b-side? Looking forward to more.

Also, though this has bog all to do with you, I have been listening to the MP3s that HomoEclectic posted from 'Pleasure'. Do you like? And have any idea where one would source that? He seems to have gone quiet.

Merci monsieur.

Yuri said...

Have to agree with RPC...if she's not the fucking boss, then who is?! :)

Nice lamp, btw. And yeah, LOL at the Jetblue comment. Am I stupid for paying $24 for the Matinee Club stuff?? Probably. I just want them to be successful...wouldn't do that for bands I do not believe in.

xolondon said...

RPC, I found out today that Lucky Soul have included "Struck Dumb" on the final version of the album. Look before bed for a post with the fabulous artwork for the CD and new single. I love the backing vocals from the guys on that song "ohhoooohhhhohhh!"

Have not heard any Pleasure tracks except the Brett one. Fred Ball needs to drink some Red Bull.

Oh Yuri, don't let Matinee Club bilk you.

Oh. It's Kristen Again. *sigh* said...

Who will take over the company when she's gone? Alas! Alack!

V said...

I have nothing clever to say or to declare any pop speak genius. I'll just say that the obsucre reference is from the movie "Jeffrey" which I watched so many times. Am I right?

Nice lamp. I want one.

xolondon said...

That's right V, but I had to look it up myself b/c I could not remember now I knew it. I have no prize planned, but will by the next time I see you!

xolondon said...

PS Krissy you can take over the company as long as you make it a habit of wearing nylon track pants that drag on the ground.

Phil said...

Poor Matinee Club. You're so right about them making yet another mistake. 5 mixes of a song all the 'friends and fans' will have heard a million times over smacks of 'WTF do we do next'. I remember seeing them at Duckie (south London gayers' night) when they were just starting out and stroking my chin thinking: "So much potential..." They couldn't move on the tiny stage for equipment and 'sets' - a massive pop band trapped in an unsigned pop band.

Ah well. Never mind.

V said...

I hope you come soon. Recently had English breakfast at "Tea & Sympathy" and thought of how much you'd like that.

They were out of black pudding.

xolondon said...

Thanks V! I think I would avoid black pudding anyway. Heh heh! I went to Alice's Teacup in Januray Have you been there? It's v quaint.

Paul said...

amazing lamp

torr.typepad.com said...

Snowfight are great, totally Gene-like vocals. Wish they were playing SXSW.

torr.typepad.com said...

oh yeah, and you're right, the Brett Anderson album is absolutely unlistenable.