February 5, 2007

Review: Paul Weller live in NYC, Jan 30, 2007

So, Tuesday's Paul Weller show at Irving Plaza was amazing. The crowd was filled with Brits (xo xo!) and natty looking people. I defy anyone to say the eight song Style Council set he opened with was nothing less than phenomenal. Shout To The Top, Speak Like A Child, My Ever Changing Moods, even a piano-based It's A Very Deep Sea. Quality songs that sound even better now, set against the piteous British charts of 2007.

The bulk of the show was a career retrospective, all great, especially The Jam songs. Tremendous audience participation on those. The reaction to That's Entertainment clearly thrilled Paul, who exclaimed "Fucking awesome!" at the end. I was happy to hear Above The Clouds and realized the new songs, From The Floorboards Up particularly, sound like old classics live.

There was a great moment at the end of the show, as I jumped up and down like a pogo stick to A Town Called Malice: a cute girl in front of me spun herself around and scanned the crowd immediately around her, taking in the moment. She looked right at me with a sort of beatific smile. I love you cute girl! It was very music-brings-the-people-together, as good shows often are.

Wee Paolo Nutini came onstage for Thinking About You and I have never seen a performer look so deeply uncomfortable onstage. Arms crossed, hair over face, no visual contact with Weller or the audience. He's only like 20, though, and it was a 35+ crowd. I credit him a decent live voice...

I am sad to say that Weller fans are not above bad behavior. There was a clutch of bottle blonds who barged in front of me, drinks in gesticulating hands, over from England and thinking they owned Weller. Making fools of themselves fighting with New York women and stepping all over me. I didn't crack, but if those tired bitches are reading this, I have one thing to say: piss off back to Camden you skanky old slappers.

The full set list: It's A Very Deep Sea, Headstart For Happiness, Speak Like A Child, Down In The Seine, Man Of Great Promise, My Ever Changing Moods, Long Hot Summer, Shout To The Top, Peacock Suit, Out Of The Sinking, From The Floorboards Up, Into Tomorrow, Above The Clouds, Amongst Butterflies, Porcelain God / Walk on Gilded Splinters, Butterfly Collector, Thinking of You (w/Paolo Nutini), That's Entertainment (with a false start!), Here's The Good News, Broken Stones, The Changingman, Foot of the Mountain. Encore: Come On Let's Go, I Wanna Make It Allright, Town Called Malice

Soon, more details on what else happened in New York, including my celebrity run-in...

Photo courtesy of this fine fan.


Paul said...

hurrah for NYC! And Paolo - i love that scruffy looking little ragamuffin. PS - i owe you about 100 emails! Soon i promise!

V said...

Love Irving Plaza. Saw a lot of great shows there. I know a few songs from The Jam and I have cover version of "That's Entertainment" by Moz who also performed it live once ages ago.

Hope the next time you come round, you'll have more time and we can hang.

Yuяi said...

Sounds like it was a slammin' show!! Thanks for the play by play!

LOL at the "skany old slappers" comment! How dare they??!!

You go, cute girl!! That's what it's all about!

Anonymous said...

I was there as well...great show! Best Weller performance I've seen...the band was brilliant and Paul was having such a good time. It was great to see him smiling soooo much. I loved when he left the capo (mistakenly) on his guitar and tried to start That's Entertainment in the wrong key. Damon had to stop him! Great moment, lots of laughs.
What a great venue to see a live performance...I don't think it will see a better one for years to come!

trill42 said...

I love you cute girl!

Awesome! Good on you for finding joy in her bliss... in everyone's collective happiness... :)

Glad it was such a great show. Sucks about the English skanks behaving badly. English expats may be legally obliged under the terms under which they were allowed to leave the Motherland to show up whenever a UK musician/band is performing in the US and loudly, obnoxiously, and with force stake a claim on them. I have no bloody idea why.