February 7, 2007

Next listen: Sarah Nixey

My first favorite from the promo for Sarah Nixey's new Sing, Memory album - and perhaps the most accessible track she has ever done - is the panoramic Endless Circles. The song has an interesting structure with three components: the narrative verses, a slowly building "pre-chorus" (you cahn't win, you cahn't lose) and the swirly, uplifting actual chorus. You'll hear all the parts on the sample below.

Endless Circles is laden with gorgeous details: the backing vocals on the aforementioned "pre-"chorus, the live drums that briefly lead into each chorus proper, the crickety synth that comes in at 2:51, the warmth with which she sings the chorus. Sometimes Sarah does a chilled talk/sing thing, but she jettisons that on the chorus of Endless Circles for fully emotional singing and her vocal seems more honest for it.

It sounds hyperbolic to say it, but the whole song is monumentally beautiful. A tiny glass of Port raised to Sarah and James.

Sarah Nixey Endless Circles

Note that Sarah's album is available now on iTunes UK and US. My review will be up on Valentine's Day and the CD will be out on Feb. 19.

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I'm looking forward to Sarah's cd too!