February 8, 2007

New York City lights

xo's new hat!

I love New York for its surprises. It's never dull - something unexpected always happens. I did my Paul Weller review, but I had some questions about the trip itself, so here is a point-by-point of my 24 hours in NYC last week and the things I remember...

The train ride that I have not taken for many years. Played
The Hours CD and new Tracey Thorn all the way there as I sat twisted around in my seat so I faced the window.

"Running into" a certain darlin' UK blogger in Starbucks and hanging with him (and the droll Darren-not-Daz!) for an hour. As so often happens with -err- celebs, he is taller than expected. I forgot to get an autograph...we did pose for a pic, which was good of Paul and truly shiteous of me. SO tough noogies, no pic of the "summit."

The amazing surprise snowstorm that showered down on us after the show as we walked to get a black-and-white-cookie before going to our hotel. NYC was silent and totally white. Snow falling so thick I could not see the taller floors of buildings we were passing.

Breakfast / hot tea at the new location of Alice's Teacup on the UES. 

S-h-o-p-p-i-n-g at the huge Strand Bookstore, amazing new Japanese clothing store Uniqlo and the Paul Wellerish mod store Ben Sherman, where I bought the fantastic XOish houndstooth cap above (on massive sale). 

Running into the Olsen Twins in Soho, looking very tiny, very overdressed for a weekday afternoon and very, very rich. 

The usual pilgrimage to Magnolia Bakery, though I have to say that, after carefully taking a box of 4 cupcakes home, they sucked. Something was off in this batch. 

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Jeff said...

Ah I miss my quick trips up to New York. Sounds like you had a neat time. Great hat! I love houndstooth. Ben Sherman rocks... by the way I'm tempted to get this neat jacket I tried on at Bloomie's or Macy's a while back; it's on sale now, but alas, still not cheap...