February 18, 2007

New interview with Madonna

Madonna has given an interview to Sirius Radio and it's all music focused (yeah!). Listen to it here.

- She "underestimated" how hard the tour would be and how it would affect her life. The Confessions Tour was her favorite - she liked how physically close she was to the fans during this show.

- Bad news: She is clearly working with Pharrell Williams now. Don't even get me started.

- Right now she is listening to Gnarles Barkley and Justin Timberlake's CD, but she didn't like it when she first heard it and now she works out to it all the time.

- She says the word "whack" and that she's a "top" not a bottom. "Don't tell that to my husband."

- She is not a vegetarian. She has a "terrible sweet tooth."

- The interviewer comes out as a 43 yo queen!

- Sirius is so alterna that they end the interview playing Fighting Spirit.

The hot new Madonna fansite, btw, is Madonna Connexion. There you can see strange pics like this, which must date from around 2001.


Dan said...

Oh my - it seems that my worst fears might actually be coming true - Wikipedia lists Pharrell Williams as only producing 2 songs on the upcoming album, but still! (and we all know that Wikipedia is completely and utterly infallible as well.)

Still, I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I'm worried that we may be in for something that crosses The Sweet Escape with Bedtime Stories.


xolondon said...

On Confessons she wrote with Bagge, Åström on Get Together and Karlsson, Winnberg, Jonback on 2 other songs. I can't remember their "stage names"! Even the Mirwais tracks got changed up.

It will all be filtered through her prism and the LAST thing she will do is make a song that sounds like Britney or Gwen or Kelis. Same with Timbaland. She won't copy Justin.

This is not likely a 2007 record, so there is time. As long as I get a ballad with an orchestra, I am cool. We need one of those! Or a sondtrack song this summer.

D'luv said...

There's a lot of hatin' on Timbaland (just in general in the pop blogosphere), but I'm a firm believer that he's making radio more pop-friendly. He's someone who is inside the R&B realm that isn't afraid to say, "This all suck and sounds the same," (he did as much in Spin this past fall), and go in a new direction.

I think Madonna recognizes that. He's probably the most pop producer working today, and can probably give Madge a more radio-friendly sound... let's face it, she could use a U.S. hit, and working with European producers who do chilly dance ain't gonna do it for her.

I'm not saying it's all about having a radio hit in America, but you know that's on her mind. Her ego wouldn't let it not be.

I'm actually really interested in hearing how the Duran Duran and Madge Timbaland collabs pan out. And I love Bedtime Stories... there are some super tracks on there.

As for Pharrell, he can go fuck himself off a cliff. He's an example of a producer whose head is so far up their own ass, they can't recognize the need to adapt or change their sound. The same thing happened to Babyface, Stock Aitken Waterman, Jam & Lewis, etc....

Look at how many times Timbaland has changed his sound, and the sound of pop in general, over the last ten years.

The Richard said...
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The Richard said...

As a fan, I always get very nervous around the time she starts to make a record and details of collaborators start to leak. But I am usually surprised. When I heard she had sampled Abba I was struck dumb with disbelief and horror, and look how that turned out.

However, the great thing about these people is that she will, as XO suggests, use and abuse them, suck 'em dry then take the best bits. It's just a little surprising that she is using the producers 'du jour' like Pharrel (biiiiig depressed sigh) or Timbaland rather than tapping (as is usually the case) something way ahead of the game.

... but D'Luv is bang on - she wants to have that monster hit in the US, little realising that many in her mother country see her now as a European Dance Act.

Yuяi said...

Kinda scary about Queen Madge listening to JT and all... I guess we all have our guilty indulgences.

And LOL about her being a TOP... like, no shit!

I'm just glad she's doing another album, even if it's with Mr. Hollaback. I was blown away with how well Confessions did not do in the US...and how radio refused to play most songs, etc. It's great that Madge is ready to do another album so soon. I'm going to withhold judgment until I hear it. You nevah know, it could be great. Hope so...

Anonymous said...

Hey XO - thanks for posting this - very interesting interview. I myself am a little skeptical about Madonna working with those lot, but Madonna never seems to disappoint either - I guess we'll wait with anticipation. I cringed at the idea of Nelly Furtado doing the same thing too - but in the end it worked out.

xolondon said...

I'll get the numbers for sales of Confessions. It's "failure" in America is a bit overemphasized. ClearChannel didn't play her? Will they EVER?

It will probably work out, as long as they realize Madonna will soon be a 50 yr old white women with British pretensions. To hear doing the utter shit that Justin did on some of his songs IS unlikely. No one wants to acknowledge that on some of thse songs, Justin was playin' like a gangbanger. Cringey.

I do like a few of the Justine Timberrod songs - LoveStoned/I Think She Knows, What Comes Around. I don't like SexyBack but I recognize the whole zeitgeist thing.

Everything is pop these days,but in shades and no one wants to call it pop. I am not convinced that Timbaland changes his spots that much. This new stuff is not too far a stretch (Justin songs above as exceptions) from his herky jerky Missy work or Cry Me A River.

I am NOT a fan of much of his Nelly stuff b/c his ego (and voice) inserting itself so much in her music. That said, he and Pharrell know who Kate Bush is, so they have a scope beyond r'n'b radio.

I like Bedtime Stories too, but it was in many ways phoned in. It's not an album as much as a collection of songs.

I am also not sure if America will ever be totally in love with her. She is just too much of... something and everything! ... for shitty American tastes.

D'luv said...

I think Confessions shipped double platinum, and read recently that it sold about 1.9 million copies so far. That album was not a failure, especially since the average "hit" album can only expect to go platinum if it's lucky these days, but she didn't have a clear radio hit off it.

"Hung Up" charted at US #7, but that was mostly due to downloads, not airplay. "Sorry" peaked in the very low and none of the other singles charted on the Hot 100.

My point was that she is surely conscious of the fact that she could use an American hit single again, ala "Music," "Take A Bow," "Ray Of Light," etc., the kind that still gets airplay.

Chris Krakora said...

Oh well at least her going hip-hop will test her theory that the US radio stations haven't been playing the single from her last two albums is because of her criticisms of the US foreign policy and President Bush and not because she's doing dance music (which pretty much has gotten the US radio stations for the past few years). I'm sure her US record company is still giving her grief for not using her friendship with Missy Elliot to full advantage--that is making a radio-ready single (they only made a GAP commercial and a blah remix of "American Life."

Thanks so much for the link to that interview! Larry mentioned this in the blog of his MySpace page and I was very curious about that.