February 19, 2007

The new Harry Potter?

Now that Danny Radcliffe is wagging his whippet at audiences in London, I nominate my we-met-in-October friend Richard Jones-Ellis-Bextor of The Feeling for the role of Harry Potter. That's a picture of him at the Brits (stolen from their blog) - he seems to be getting younger, yes? I actually like the hairstyle - it's like a mod combover. The slickness keeps it from being emo hair. Whatever, please read Paulie G's review of their latest show and be sure to admire Richard's wee ginger baybay, Sonny, here.

PS: Any dishy comments on his arched brows?

PPS: I just had a Lion Bar, my fave, and some new tea - Republic Of Tea's decaf black vanilla-almond and it was shit. Tasted like fake vanilla. My fave tea is
Vanilla Comoro by Harney & Sons, who make most of XO's tea.

PPPS: Maria, Valentines was last week honey. Walk your ass to the mailbox in a more timely fashion. My love has come and gone! xosa

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ADD said...

Seriously? Ew.