February 27, 2007

Look over there: It's Fantasia!

It's Jennifer Hudson's week and I am not above saying I called it when she was on Idol. I was so obsessed with her she became my imaginary wife (I am also married to Rachel Bilson and divorced from Angie Jolie). Anyway, I love that Jennifer gave Andre Leon Talley a smackdown by admiting on TV this morning that she did not like the dress she wore to the Oscars. Actually the dress was fine, if dull. It was the LaBelle-esque winged shrug that made me... shrug (bada bing!).

In case you missed it, Fantasia Barrino had a beautiful moment last week on American Idol when she gave a master class in singing on I'm Here from The Color Purple Broadway show. Could a wise man please get this version on iTunes. It reminded me and many others what I liked about Fantasia: that perhaps more than any other Idol, you believe her when she sings. She is living the song as it comes out of her mouth. Watching this, I had a flashback to constantly telling my roommate to be quiet while Fantasia was singing.

The Youtube video is a shiteous quality but at least you can see it. The song starts a minute in. Here is a version from Daily Motion that you can play.

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