February 4, 2007

If you're so inclined to read...

Cute kid Patrique Wolf shows us his magic position in his London flat...

Go Fug Yourself has their way with that slapper Sienna Miller.
A must-read.

Tricky Richard tells a story all single people fear. I laugh at his pain, with sympathy of course.

A Room With A View weaves another tale of French sweets.

Paparazzi shot this clip of me leaving NYC on Weds. Or wait, is it Madonna leaving Paris? This would be dull, except Madge appears to actually be thinking of someone else halfway through the clip as she wraps up her asst. BTW, that's photog Steven Klein leaving the Ritz with her.

Tremble Clef ponders Patrique's Magic Position. This post has a truly perfect fragment: The kind of magic that transforms shit into fabulous shit.

I've already composed most of this week's posts: Another Sarah Nixey preview, news on Bananarama (w/some free tunes), a review of The Hours debut CD, a bit on Lewis Taylor, the Scissters and, finally, some details of my Weller and NYC experiences.


DanProject76 said...


I love the studio version a bit too much but this is great too.

Adding it to my blog right now!

D'luv said...

Speaking of Sienna, I saw Factory Girl over the weekend... not bad. She's definitely a decent actress. But if the bitch ever trashes my hometown again, she's gonna get a rocket launched up her shrimp taco.

The Richard said...

Me keeling over in my kitchen and Madonna getting on her Parisian private plane; if she'd been in the country, I could have had her nip round from Marylebone and peel me off the floor. I'll think of that next time.

countpopula said...

Nice hearing Patrick doing something a bit more approachable...I am beginning to warm to him. I will not give Sienna the time of day after her comments about P-Burgh...I had a lovely vacation there a couple years back. You must check out the Warhol Museum.

Hey XO--surprised you haven't said anything about the breakup of the Beautiful South yet. Did I miss something?


xolondon said...

Oh look, everybody's talkin' at me! I know, I need to do something on the Beautiful South - I have not liked them for a few years though. It was time for it to end. When Jacqui checked out, I did too.

RPC, we know she would have at least loaned you her pashmina. I am not convinced she would have bothered to scoop you off the floor though. She has minders to do that.

Sienna is so overrated, but I love Edie so I'll see it.