February 9, 2007

I don't shine if you don't shine

Watch The Killers new video!

I don't need to tell you that Read My Mind is how the whole Killers album should have sounded (ie: not like Springsteen). The video they've done for the new single is probably their best. Totally unpretentious, cool and funny. Hey, it's Japan! And what Madonna should have done with Jump.

To hear samples of the new Pet Shop Boys mixes or the song, go to Euphoric, the fab PSB fansite. The photo above is coutesy of Killers fansite Kill Me Now.


RPC said...

Well, really, that's just fantastic.

Whenever Brandon's interviewed he comes across as being funny and having -gasp!- a sense of irony which since he grew the moustache seems to have fallen out of his arse. But no more. Finalmente!

I even see a little homo-love posturing between straight band guys who love disco, and xo, you just know I love that shit.

Also, in a song with lyrics featuring 'good old days; honest man; restless heart; promised land' to see them mocking (maybe just a little!) the promised land with a Japanese Elvis is peachy.

Pet Shop Boys remixes are, at this point, just gravy

...and you're quite right about Japanese Jump. What a missed opportunity and piece of piss that was. Would it have hurt her to cuddle a big green furry thing in a cryogenic chamber?

xolondon said...

Re homolove, it looks like there is a moment where La Fleur tries to kiss a bandmate whilst bike-riding. Maybe I am wrong.

I would love to stay in one of those pod hotels if it wasn't too coffin-y. http://www.asakusa-capsule.jp/english/

PS: Wicked "strokes" comeback to my comment on your blog!

RPC said...

I caught that, but was also thinking of the moment when they're all geisha-d up and one of the ones who isn't Brandon puts his hand on La Fleur's shoulder...

thanks for the comment... I try!

orange anubis said...

I had no idea there was a decent song on that album, I didn't make it that far through before throwing it to the floor (virtually speaking) in a pique of disappointment!