February 4, 2007

"Fuck and kiss you both at the same time"

What a fantastic photo of Ana Matronic! Pretty lady. Click to enlarge.

The Scissor Sisters will be on that crazy-ass soap Passions this week, on Feb 8 and 9 (at 2ish on NBC). The PR calls Passions a "popular" soap. I call it a "cancelled" soap. As of this summer anyway, God bless 'em!

More news on the their US tour shortly, but first be sure to read this
nice long piece (!) on the Scissters in the Village Voice this week. I read it on the train from NYC and played a few Ta-Dah tracks as I whizzed home.

Be sure to get the Scissters 3rd CD, Life In Cartoon Motion. Err, wait... is that right? Imitation. Flattery. All that shizz.

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Electroqueer said...

Hey Jason - you know what...I saw this photo about a month ago in thailand and thought...'that is not Ana Mantronic'. Right before I left for thailand, I saw her at and the sisters at Wembley and she looked much more vuluptious...like I really care - I think she's fab either way (prefer a real woman if I were to want a woman!)...but man, they seriously did some damn good airbrushing on that photo. I need to hire her image consultant! Me got some greys and chubby cheeks that won't go away! LOL.