February 1, 2007

First listen: Sarah Nixey

Step away from the light Sarah Nixey!

It's only three weeks until the release of lovely Sarah Nixey's debut solo album Sing. Memory. The single is on iTunes US and UK now, as is a wicked new b-side, Watching Over You.

Below is a stream of one of the album's standouts, Masquerade. This song is pure pop noir, building layer upon layer - literally and metaphorically - until it comes unbound in an epic final minute worthy of Bond film credits. It is dark, elegant and perfect for Sarah's voice.

Sarah Nixey Masquerade

Feb 7 edit: Sarah appears to be wearing a giant rabbit's paw. I must get one too.


Oh. It's Kristen Again. *sigh* said...

Love that flare.

V said...

Hi XO! Hope you enjoyed the show at Irving Plaza.

I do love this song and will buy the album once it comes out.

xolondon said...

Yeah- we have a sale on Aisle XO!

I think Sarah may be wearing a giant rabbit's paw, Krissy! We must get one too.

countpopula said...

This sounds fantastic! I already bought the two singles from iTunes, but I really want a CD copy, so guess I'll wait for that. On Masquerade, I love how icy her vocal is against the cold piano/synth and then everything goes all Goldfrapp-y. Right up my alley...cannot wait! Thanks!

B said...

Because of you, I went and bought the singles from iTunes, now I'm just waiting for the album so I can buy that too. Awesome stuff here.

xolondon said...

Cool! The album is realllly good.