February 15, 2007

Duran2: Not there man, it's no go

Duran Duran's new single sounds like it will be either dreck or dream. The title is old school Duran: Nite Runner. The drawback? It features Justin Timberlake. Ewwww.

That's a new photo of the band in the studio in January 2007. Bon, Simon Le Bon, has morphed into Rhys Ifans.


J'ason D'luv said...

I'd still bang the Taylor guy and whoever the other dark haired one is... did the other Taylor leave the group?

Anyway, I'm highly curious to hear this trash, too. I've had an on-again-off-again relationship with the Durans since 1993. I never bought their stuff as a kid in the '80s, though my dad had the 45 for "Save A Prayer."

Dan said...

When I heard rumours of Timbaland producing their next album, I just cringed. I really loved Astronaut - it has some fabulous pop hooks on it - but I'll definitely be listening before I buy if they're going in a more R&B vibe.

And there were rumours that Madge is looking to go all R&B/Timbaland with her next release - I'm really not sure if I can follow her there, but I always give her the benefit of the doubt.


xolondon said...

It is a wait-and-see/hear sitch. But yes, it makes me a bit nauseous. The rumor is that Andy Taylor left after not liking their direction, but that may not be the full story. He has left before.

Oh. It's Kristen Again. *sigh* said...

well, you know - andy is a ROCKER! I mean - who can forget his solo album - er - with the single -- um... wait - Vinny knows this of course... ;)