January 25, 2007

XOvision v.2

Brett Anderson Love Is Dead

Not the actual video, but an acoustic preview of the ex-Suede man's solo debut. It's pretty, has a melody and - 15 years on! - he can still sing. I dig the Plastic peeepoooohh! bit. Dig this: Suede's Coming Up is one of the most glorious, glam records of the 90's, so if you don't know it, buy it!

Siobhan Donaghy Don't Give It Up

Siobhan is an ex-Sugababe who's not a cookie cutter pop chick. Clearly she likes old Kate Bush tunes because there is a heavy dose of Trio Bulgarka-iness to this new song. Pretty song, pretty video, pretty girl. PopJustice says the sampler is fantastique. I just noticed that everyone is putting this up - that's okay. It's cool!

Client Zerox Machine

Mmmmh, I know it is spelled wrong, but you have to love of a song that has the word copyright repeated numerous times. My Dubstar girl proves - like Brett - that 90's Britpop stars don't have to suck (a la Our Kid Liam G!), they just evolve. This is an Adam Ant cover, glammed up and stomping.


V said...

Love the new client single. This was available on iTunes but when I was ready to download it, they had removed it.

M. said...

um, not sure about the siobhan vid, I've waited fer it fer soo long n now im kinda dissapointed... lol

killarie said...

brett's new song is beautiful. i adore that man.

orange anubis said...

I tend to think of Coming Up as the whole of my 20s on one shiny CD. What's not to love?!

DanProject76 said...

Client are rather good, or at least their last album and this song were... but then I always liked Dubstar.

Brett is back! The real verion has an abundance of strings! Oh yes. And my new catchphrase is "Plastic pee-ee-opppllle"

xolondon said...

As you may know, DP76, an abundance is strings is an XO pleaser.

DP76 also stands for Double Penetration 76. Woot!

Torr is not excited for the new record and this makes me lonely.