January 7, 2007

Watching you watching me

I decided to post a bit on who reads this blog, given that I'm coming up on my 3rd blog birthday...

Readership: the USA is 40% and "Everyone Else" is at 60%. Not surprising, given the pop content, yet the UK is only 15% and closely tailed by Australia at 11% - that is a surprise. The most unexpected countries represented are Colombia and Indonesia (I'm sure I'm huge in Sumatra, God bless them!). Wouldn't you expect the Scandinavian countries to be represented more? Brazil is at 2%, so if the smokin' hot Brazilians want to meet me in person, please do! wink.

The best recent referrals are Italian boobs, Liz Hurley (wtf?) and Bree Walker, the newscaster with unusual hands. I should note that Just Jack is increasing on Google searches, so I need to beef up that post!

I'm really curious about how old you are, particularly in relation to some of the musical references I write about, which go back to when I was "shiny and new" in the early 80's. I know for a fact that some of the primary readers of this blog are over 32 yo. What about the rest of you? Please vote and don't lie!

How old are you?
shiny & new
14 -17
18- 22
23 - 30
31- 40
40 plus
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Finally, did you know that if you type "nasty dick lovin" breakdown, I am the only result you'll get in Google? For this alone, I am proud.


Chris said...

Isn't that based on what "dot adress" your readers internet company uses, though? For example, I use telia.com and therefore is counted as American, despite the fact that I'm living in Sweden.

xolondon said...

Oh, I am sure you're right - it's not science by any means!

V said...

My age group makes up 50% of your readership.

Congratulations on your 3 years of blogging!

J'ason D'luv said...

Am I the only 19-year-old reading, apparently?

trill42 said...

But Chris, are you an American living in Sweden?

xo, dear, if the poll results indicate that your readership is 40% shiny and new and 15% 14-17 (not that I think they will), would you feel guilty about your naughty posts of the sort you mentioned? (I'm not writing the term you coined, so as not to interfere with your perfect google result) Or will you write those sorts of posts much more often?

Your blogaversery is on St. Patrick's Day! That's easy to remember. How thoughtful of you.

For a 3rd wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is leather and the modern gift is crystal. Those gifts suck; no wonder so many celebrity couples are splitting up at or before the one-year mark.

xolondon said...

According to shows like Dateline, 15 yr olds today have done sex and drug things that would peel my face off in shock, so I doubt I will be a corrupting influence! :)

3rd anniv. Bring my leather. A strop please.

Chris said...

No, I'm 100% Swedish. Haven't even been to America.