January 27, 2007

Unseen Dancing Queen

From the Confessions DVD/CD out on Tuesday the 30th...

Madonna Paradise

Paradise is one of Madonna's more sophisticated songs. Not for the masses. The staging looked beautiful live, with all the cherry blossoms. She herself hasn't looked so good in years... it's not all airburshing. [Hi Varant!]

Madonna Lucky Star

Imagine Stuart Price producing early Madonna and that is what this is. Also a mashup with Hung Up. Madonna told Jo Whiley on Wednesday that her next album will be "more dancing." No complaints from me, though I doubt it will be out in 2007.

Madonna Drowned World

Lowkey version. Note that this clip may be slow to load. Just pause it and let it load, then press play again. [Pay attention Jim Collins, here is your song!]

Madonna Sorry Interlude

I have a concert rip of this that I work out to all the time. I love it when it really starts to slam around 2:00. Non-namedropping trivia: Included in the projections was a man who once (1994) asked XO how he felt about libraries disappearing! He was wrong about that and more importantly, Iraq. I don't think he is visible in this version.


RPC said...

It's a treat to see these again, especially 'Paradise' which I haven't heard since Wembley, so thank you.

This is going to be a slight heresy, but I was listening to 'Confessions...' the other day and it actually sounded a little dated in a way that her other albums haven't. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but the appetite is whetted by the thought of a new record filled with contemporary influences and prodiction. And while we're on the topic, has Stuart Price actually done anything else since he made that album other than remix 'When you were young'? Do you happen to know?

I can't help feeling that she'll put out a record this year, then tour one last time in '08. Just a hunch, not based on any fact.

Robpop said...

I am no Madonna fan (something about her voice for me). But those clips were amazing. Her DVD will be on my birthday list. She really does razzle dazzle her audience doesnt she. I rather dislike the 2 second editing but i can see why its needed (Jump for example). There are simply too many things happening.

M. said...

you ma man, inspired me to do a piece on 'er... luv ya!

V said...

I think the day we saw her at MSG that July just seemed the right time for me (for the first time). Paradise is my favorite track from "Music." I'm glad she did this.

Thanks for posting it!