January 25, 2007

Skanky backdoor cunts and other pop media news!

That kid above reminds me of a young Paul Weller. I'll explain soon why I am pondering The Cappucino Kid (PW) these days.

Update: I keep forgetting to say I love Talia Kraines at Londonist. We share a desire for intelligent pop music and she's super cute. She's currently featuring Client. Go Talia! She also has a blog here.

Update: Anyone can comment now. You don't have to have a google login. I'll change it back if people are bitchy! ;)

Madonnatribe has the booklet for the new Madge CD/DVD package.

My Lorraine rant, which I took all the way to PopJustice, seemed to have worked. Lorraine have posted non-news on their website that they have big things planned. Snooze. Details please.

See Lost In The 80's bit on the gayness of Billy Squire. His Ed Grimley reference is RIGHT ON. Didn't people thnk he was a sexy cockrocker at the time? Fucking hilarious!

I luv'D'luv's post on his pussies, complete with thigh shot.

Aria of Pop, it seems to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind. What happened? Your blog was so good and then.. gone! This is why I take my time linking blogs. Update! He's back with Synth Me Spaghetti.

PopJustice is so very right about the new group Trademark. Lorraine fans can focus on this while that band twiddles in the shop. Hear all the album samples here - sounds quite good.

Tremble Clef is back, post audience with XOLondon, to muse on Mika's hard lollipop.

"Patrique" Wolf. The mysteriously vacant promotion of his album is sort of like a sex act where the orgasm is screwed up by one false move. I'll never understand why it takes labels so long to work an album. They need to speed it up.

Message to Peter Robinson: I have joined the Sarah Nixey Army that would like to see Mark Lodge's Strangelove mix on your next compilation, if there is one. No pressure!

Katherine McPhee looks shiteous on her album cover. What is she wearing?

I don't think Paolo Nutella will ever have to sleep alone. Album out in the US next week btw.

And I am telling you Tricky got this close to Bouncey Knowles in Londoninium.

I love love love that Rachael Ray comment that Angelina Jolie is "a skanky, backdoor cunt." What a fucking riot.

Keane go mad and PopJustice has its funniest post in ages.

photo from Hedi Slimane's blog.


RPC said...

Did I mention Beyoncé buggered off before the movie started? I know it's fairly standard in these scenarios, but this was seriously swift. By the time Jennifer Hudson was telling us she wasn't going, B was comatose having necked a tranquiliser in her LearJet.

Thanks for the mention.

V said...

Rachael Ray said that?

J'ason D'luv said...

My pussies thank you. PJ Keane post is funny.

Anonymous said...

After some server troubleshooting, I got my blog deleted. It took me some time to restablish because of classes and exams, but I guess I'm back now... even with the study overload.

Not wanting to make any kind of promotion, so I guess you'll find the new blog over at my profile. Isn't the new name fabulous? Loving it, hope it can continue the success of the short lived Aria of Pop. R.I.P.

Thanks ;)

xolondon said...

Yeah Synth Me Denmark Aria!

The Rachael Ray quote is all over the gossip blogs like Perez. She said it when she was drunk a few years ago. It may be untrue but I liked how it sounded.

babs said...

Oh Rachael. . . I liked the pussy post.

Regarding BIlly Squier, one of my friends has a lot of his music on her computer and now my computer, and I think she found him hot. I found him sleazy, but I was substantially younger than she at the time. She also like David lee Roth and I could never sustain enough interest in him either.

Trixie said...

Thanks for the very embarassing link :-) But you realise I am also karinski.net as well?

Talia x

p.s. i barely comment on here because it's restricted to blogger users. Make it all! :)