January 1, 2007

Ring in the new, celebrate the old

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Catch You

Her performance last night on UK TV. Apparently there was a big mic fuck-up in the first minute, so she had no monitor, hence some flat moments. Maybe. The dress is a bit questionable, but the song and that beautiful face are not. Paulie Z has the MP3.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor I Won't Change You

One of my fave Sophie videos/songs - ahh, the accent! - and the last of her collaborations with Gregg Alexander, who really gave her the La Bex sound. Nice blue dress Sophie, but baby your speed-date may be a (whispers) homosexual! Anyway, Mrs. Jone's real husband and I are this close since we met in Borders. Maybe.

1 comment:

Paul said...

poor sophie - your big comeback and that happens. what a pisser. Still, it's a top notch song and I wish i spoke more proper like what she does!