February 14, 2007

Singing a hymn to the great unwanted

Dig it! Lucky Soul return this week with two new tracks. One is a video for their forthcoming single Add Your Light To Mine, Baby and the other is the gorge title track of the forthcoming long-player opus The Great Unwanted.

Not so sure why they didn't do a full release for Ain't Never Been Cool because it is superior to the new track (watch below). The good news is the title track is fabulous, pounding pop music. By my estimation, the album, due in a few more months, will include...

I Ain't Never Been Cool
Lips Are Unhappy
My Brittle Heart
The Great Unwanted
One Kiss Don't Make A Summer

and this one... Add Your Light To Mine, Baby

Happy Valentines Day to all great unwanted single folk like me. You will not be ignored!


Adem IAR said...

Happy Valentines Day to you too Xo. A friend of mine (also single) arrived at my doorstep today with a box of chocolates and "Mermaids" on DVD. And that's how I spent my Valentines!

RPC said...

Happy VD to you too.

You're going to want to slap me for this, but imagine if these Lucky Soul guys gave that song to Britney Spears. A quick disco swizz and -hey presto- comeback central.

Of course, she'd need to spend a month in rehab with Robbie first.

xolondon said...

RPC, I expected something more sophisticated from you. We do not talk about She Whose Name Must Not Be Uttered. She is a skanky backdoor...slut!

RPC said...

I repent, truly.

Travelling into Soho tonight, I saw in a free tabloid a series of large-format lurid photographs of, er, that woman whose name I am not mentioning again, dressed as a stripper. She looked born for it, and Lord knows she has space to store those dollar bills these days