January 23, 2007

Off topic: A rant of my own

Okay, is it just me or has American pop media finally broken loose into sickening exploitation?

I mean, it had already. You've got Lindsay Lohan emailing the press from rehab with updates (er, isn't that part of her problem?). Her mother should be jailed for neglect and abuse. Sorry, that is how I feel....We've got that manic dude from Grey's Anatomy screaming faggot on TV [now running in a loop on news shows!] while the victim of the nasty speech looks on mortified. Where I work, he would have been fired on the spot.... We've got Nicole Richie, emaciated and driving down the wrong side of the road, promoting her general nothingness.... There's American Idol devolving into sick cruelty, putting crazy (and actual autistic) people on TV and laughing at them. Thank you, Just Jack, for Starz In Their Eyes... And let me save the best for last: the sickening exploitation of fatherless little Bindi Irwin on Access Hollywood and every other news show. Maybe her mother thinks she is helping Bindi deal with her loss, but I'd say that whole family is living on the edge.

Sorry to be so negative/harsh. We seem to be in a holding pattern with music this week. It will change! We're waiting on Sarah Nixey, Tracey Thorn, Tori and Sophie E-B (not to mention Courtney, ironically) to release their gems and save us from this pathetic world we live in. Maybe I am just getting old!

Side note: Electroqueer is becoming famous for "pop" rants'n'raves, so you should check one out! Or maybe you should just watch this tiny kitten roll around.


rajmopolitan said...

Hello fine sir :) Awwww famous, I don't know about that, but what I do know is that everytime you mention me on your site, I turn all red (blushes). Hugs - from Electroqueer

babs said...

I second that. Yeah, I'm not sure which annoys me more, the whole Grey's Anatomy thing or the Bindi Irwin thing. It's a toss-up on its reprehensible-ness. Your dad's been killed and how do you feel? Access Hollywood and Inside and all of them are vile and am so fed up with everyone. I blame January.

Ms. Kate Bush is on my i-tunes. Save us Kate, save us.

The kitten is so freaking cute. oh my god.

D'luv said...

Well, at least good music comes out of American Idol.... like that last guy that won. What was his name again? Oh, there he is, down at #53 in his 5th week on the album chart.

Yuяi said...

I have to agree...how cruel is it watching Simon (et. all) rip the short-bus kids to shreds on Idol?

Out of the thousands and thousands of rejects, Idol producers choose the "challenged" kids to parade in front of us to mock? It's just plain S-A-D...