January 21, 2007

Have Lorraine broken up?

It would not matter if they hadn't. They've abandoned both of their websites and their fans. Talented band / great songs, no doubt, but they didn't know fuckall about selling their music - they gave it away. To be fair, they were likely screwed around by many a suit. So, no Pop Noir. Bye bye Lorraine. It ends in tears everytime!

Update: On January 24, Lorrraine put this message on their site...

Helloa 2007 - Happy new year everybody! We want to thank you all for all the fantastic times we had in 2006! We really appreciate you guys being there for us! At the moment we are in a rehearsing studio, trying to make the show even better. We're also trying to put together and record some new stuff and ideas we came up with during this x-mas. We've got a busy year ahead of us, and can't wait to see you all again! Until then... keep the faith! Ole, Anders and Pål.


torr said...

they have? that'd be a pity, the singles were good.

xolondon said...

No I don't know. I almost want to launch a misinformation campaign that someone would have to respond to. NO clue what is really happening? The site is not active though and they are ignoring fan questions, so that would suggest there is a problem at least with the label.