January 10, 2007

Bitchin' Rapunzel's new video

I am still chuckling over Madonna's diss of Bitchin' Gwen in the new Elle:

It’s weird that we have all these similarities. Madonna’s
had us over to dinner and stuff. She’s always been very nice to me…I remember telling Madonna I was going to do an 80s dance record and she rolled her eyes, because I think when you’ve lived through it like she did, she’s like ‘Whatever.’ But a lot of my influence came from her early work, like directly, like a Xerox.

Whatevah, Gwen has just released her new video for Sweet Escape...

1. It is very gold. So gold there are scenes where you can't tell what you're looking at.

2. She returns to her Just A Girl hair in the prison cell scenes, which is kind of lame (the prison part, not the hair, though....yes, that is tired too).

3. More inspired is the trophy wife bit with the Harajuku girls climbing up a wall (via her hair) to bust her loose from her penthouse. So it's like Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface channeling Rapunzel?

4. Can Gwen do anything that is not geared toward children or teens... dude?

5. I am surprised they removed the Akon rap. Ou est l'Akon?

6. I like to think this part is about Gavin: "Baby I can see that your angry / By the way that you treat me / Hopefully you don't leave me."

7. I'm not angry, but I'm bored Gwendoleeeen. How about taking a sedative and releasing a nice ballad like Early Winter for a change? I am, like, so worn out by your uncontrolled ADHD. It is so not rad.

I just noticed that PopJustice did a very similar post to this, but I swear I did not see it before I wrote my own!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it sucks. She'd be better off with Early Winter, 4 In The Morning or, my personal favourite, Wonderful Life... everything else is pure billboard trash!

D'luv said...

PJ probably copied you, luv.

xolondon said...

lol - they posted first. As did you probably.

D'luv said...

Why yes!

But anyway, where are those other two Harajuku hos in the video? Where's Angel? Where's Music?

Jason said...

Gwen needs to go back to No Doubt and leave the teenybopper pop to someone who isn't old enough to be the mother of a teenybopper.

xolondon said...

Careful now, Gwen is my age! She can do pop, but I'd rather she not always do kiddie-like videos. If you've ever heard her talk, she is no brain. She uses words like dude, rad and chill.

Jason said...

Let's face it, we're old... This year's freshmen were born in 1988.

On the subject of Gwen... I just think No Doubt's worst song can kick the crap out of Hollaback Girl or anything on L.A.M.B. any day.