January 14, 2007

As Luck would have it

Lucky Soul: dangerously pretty, aren't they?

Could this be the year for Lucky Soul? Their new song Ain't Never Been Cool is quite catchy in a post-Pipettes world where I've warmed to tunes referencing sixties pop.

What I know: They're a sextet from Greenwich - the lead singer is a blond minx named Ali Howard who looks the sort to be involved in an MP scandal circa 1965. The rest of the band, with their natty suits, are dressed for a jewel heist. All that's missing is a blessing from Michael Caine. We do know they're loved by Grace Jones, they have a track smartly titled Baby I'm Broke and they're prone to phrases like "shimmy and shake."

Lucky Soul have been releasing tunes independently in 2006 and, for the moment, you can only buy their new song here on vinyl. I'll wait for the CD! The video is not yet released.

Hear Ain't Never Been Cool via their myspace (do it!).

Lucky Soul Lips Are Unhappy video

Lucky Soul My Brittle Heart video filmed in wintry Brighton

Enterprising mods will know to seek them out via the Machine.

There is something about this new wave of pop bands that takes me back to when I was very young in the early 80's and Britain was just starting to reference the Phil Spector-dominated 60's era. Punk was dead and in 1982/83 pop music was about joy. Hey young London, it just makes me happy.

The single Ain't Never Been Cool - sleeve above - is out Monday (Jan 15) followed by the album The Great Unwanted, out in the UK on April 9.

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trill42 said...

I like these guys! Looking forward to their album; thanks! :)

You're so right; they do have that cool 60s jewel heist gang look. I notice Ali gained an extra cohort for the album cover photo (the fellow third from our right). Perhaps he's "Wheels", hired for just one job. Maybe Lucky Soul didn't expect him to live; they could write off guys with glasses on heists like Star Trek kills off people wearing red shirts.

There's a couple whole songs at their website , which you kindly linked to - both acoustic tracks from a radio session, "One Kiss Don't Make A Summer" and "Last Song". I like both, and like "Kiss" a lot. It's really good, and it has a Saint Etienne/Cardigans sound I appreciate. :) They should do an acoustic version of their album, a la The Kooks.