January 27, 2007

2007: Reasons to live

Which of these records will be in my Top Ten Albums for 2007? This year is looking very good for new music...

Sophie Ellis Bextor Trip The Light Fantastic MAY

Patrick Wolf The Magic Position FEB

Lorraine Pop Noir may actually come out!

Lucky Soul The Great Unwanted MAR read about it here

Tracey Thorn Out Of The Woods MAR a masterpiece!

Rufus Wainwright Release The Stars MAY

Just Jack Overtones JAN 29 solid album

The Hours Narcissus Road FEB 7 for fans of The Upper Room

Mika Life In Cartoon Motion FEB 7

Mark Ronson The Version FEB?

Siobhan Donaghey Ghosts MAY

Courtney Love How Dirty Girls Get Clean still recording

Crowded House Time On Earth yes, official title!

Maxwell Black Summer's Night (pt. 1)

Eddi Reader Peacetime FEB 7 sorta folky

Sarah Nixey Sing, Memory FEB 7 superb!

Air Pocket Symphony MAR 5 mixed response to this one

Aqualung Memory Man pop rock with flourishes

Trademark Raise The Stakes

Brett Anderson (ex Suede) Brett Anderson MAR 19

Manic Street Preachers Send Away The Tigers great title!

Marc Almond Stardom Road covers CD

Dionne Faris Signs Of Life myspace

GoodBooks TBA

The B52's TBA yes, you are seeing that

Tori Amos TBA

Melody Club Scream

Mutya Buena TBA

Travis The Boy with No Name

Here are some artists likely to release records in late 2007, I hope...

The Ark, Bjork, Annie, Dangerous Muse, Hard Fi, Kylie Minogue, Whitney Houston, Annie Lennox, Matinee Club (aka The Modern), Coldplay (Eno-produced!), Athlete, Stephen Duffy/Lilac Time, Goldfrapp (recording now!), Seal, Duran Duran, Simply Red, Toni Childs, Martha Davis (ex Motels), Chilli (ex TLC), Leslie Feist, Alicia Keys, The Postal Service, Radiohead, Roxy Music, Sugababes

Now what did I forget?


Robpop said...

Love it all. However Simply Red!!!! AH!

-No Angels (For all the PopStar bubblegum lovers)

-Will Young (see above)

-Mary J Blige

-PayTV (see DontStopthepop today)

-PJ Harvey




-Halle Berry

and i did more here http://youcallthatlife.blogspot.com/2007/01/albums-to-look-forward-to-in-2007-this.html

but i cant remember them all...

Lorraine :(

D'luv said...

Where is Michael Jackson on that list, doll?

And, though it won't be out this year, Neil Tennant said Pet Shop Boys are in the studio working on new songs :)

xolondon said...

I know, Simply Red is "naff"! He usually has a few songs I like on each record.

Halle Berry? I would also be surprised if Will has a CD out, though I suppose Fall is possible.

I WISH PSB would go right back in with Trevor Horn and do another record.

Anonymous said...

You know, the thing is that really, while those above will make some good stuff - the great stuff will come from unknowns.

Look at last year: Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, MCR etc etc. None were expected. At. All.

Just who will rock my world, I have no idea.

The Richard said...

I agree with HotStuff, but I just love it when you hang around forever and get no love from your favourite artists then they suddenly re-emerge.

Case in point, Crowded House. 'Together Alone' is one of my favourite albums of all time, the last Finn Brothers album was also transcendent. Seeing Neil and Tim at the Albert Hall the day after Paul Hester, the drummer, committed suicide and them seeing four CH classics was one of my most spine-tingling live experiences ever. A new record? Really? From nowhere. Amazing.

Annie Lennox. Thank the skies above she is not making another record with Steve Lipson. Enough, enough with the dreariness. I would just absolutely die to hear her do a hard, ruthless synth record.

... and let's not even get into the anticipation of finding out what Neil T has done for Rufus W ...

Nick said...

The Ark is definitely releasing a new record this year. Currently, it's planned for March, preceded by the wonderful Absolutely No Decorum and The Worrying Kind, their Eurovision bid.

KulPop said...

There is supposed to be a new ABC cd titled 'Traffic' due out this year. I've heard some of the new songs live and they sounded very good.



Zeon said...

Where the hell is Britney Spears? Hahahah!

There's Portishead comeback and new Massive Attack for my trip-hop needs.
And there's Jem. Can't wait for her new record!

Dan said...

I am very very excited about the prospect of a new Annie Lennox album - I've heard rumors that she may hang it up after this one which would be a shame!

And don't forget about Casey's new one "The Crossing" set for February/March so probably April/May. I eagerly await your opinion on "Standing At The Edge"


Zeon said...

I forgot to mention Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries) and Shirley Manson solo debuts.

And Avril Lavigne (just saying).
Vanessa Carlton (which will tank for sure if she doesn't sell out).
Kate Havnevik (yay!)

And of course, can't leave out Natasha Bedingfield & Dido.

Yuяi said...

I need to officially thank you for getting me hooked on Matinee Club (The Modern). Ever since you posted the remix of "Discotheque Francais," I have been in love with the group!

I can't wait for their soon-to-be released Disco EP, but the full length CD will be like buttah!

trill42 said...

There are a lot of albums to look forward to this year; it's great! Eager for lots of the ones mentioned, including Massive Attack and Shirley Manson, but I think there may be a Godot-like wait for the new Portishead.

More artists w/2007 albums I'm looking forward to:

Rilo Kiley
The Cure
Franz Ferdinand
Mary Timony

M. said...

all of the above aaaanndd:
PJ Harvey
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Timbarland(my teddy timbo!!!, lmao!!!)