October 5, 2006

We're all waiting for your hot track.

Bitchin' Gwen, British phone booth, cute baby, all in one photo!
The news? Gwen is releasing her new album December 4th!


Paul said...

it took me a long time to love LAMB and not very long to go off it, although i still give it a "spin" every now and then... isn't the new album just her taking her leftovers out the fridge and heating them up?? Wow i sound bitter and cunty today :(

D'luv said...

I'm being optymistic in thinking that they'll probably jazz these up a bit in the studio so they don't sound like leftovers too much.... I doubt she'd put an album out that totally sucked, just to put one out.

That said, remember how people were up in arms back in 1998 when Jewel released her second album (the one with "Hands"), which was rumored to be leftovers from the first one?

Paul said...

and apart from Life Uncommon which got me thru some rough times, they were totally right. And i like Jewel.