August 23, 2006

M: Can we get together? But first, SHUT. UP!

First, the whole basis of this post comes from fan site Madonnalicious, so "props" to them. The recent Madonna-meets-Germany story makes me smile. She is a such a ballbuster and I say that with love and respect. Here's the story: Madonna goes to Germany where the police are shilling to the press about how they want to arrest her for the crucifixion scene in her show. Madonna spends, or so she says, a day fighting with the police and her soundcheck gets delayed. As showtime approaches, the crowd is let into the arena and what do they find? A makeup-less Madonna doing the sound check!

I'll let the fans from
Madonnalicious finish this story:

Jean-Baptiste: When we came in the LTU Arena around 6 p.m, Madonna was standing there, without any make-up or wardrobe, rehearsing! Of course, when we saw her, we started applauding her, but she asked us (very politely) to be quiet (several times in fact): 'I said be quiet please, this is very technical, this is not the show. Thank you' she said, point her sparkling riding crop at us! Then she explained that there was a problem with local police and that's why the rehearsals were late.

Ken: ...we came in and the mirrorball was down and open and nobody else than the Queen herself was on the end of the catwalk; no make up, but looking not happy! Of course we couldn't believe our eyes! She spoke to the audience;
I had a terrible fight with the police all day so I didn't had time to do my rehearsals, so I am going to do that now so I am not happy that you are already here so consider it as a huge privilege and I appreciate your silence!

I love her when she is severe - and what better place to be severe than Germany?

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