June 14, 2006

XO's sour patch post.

So much to be disappointed in lately. Let's have a D-List, shall we?

1. The promotion of Goldfrapp in America. Mute failed. Period. The Golden Moment was here and now the Golden Moment is gone.

2. The British music industry's toe-in-the-water approach to artists like Lorraine, The Modern and Alexis Strum. The albums are done, from what we know, so just release them. RThis endless round of singles is silly! Releasing a CD after the third single (hello my beloved Rachel Stevens!) is not a good idea because excitement for the music is gone by the time the CD hits the store. Not to mention all the bloody leaks.

3. Morrissey's... year. There are some very good songs on the record, but so far the b-sides are not really all that. Love him, but it is a bit of a comedown. Having said that, I still want albums from him every other year. See great pics below.

4 Bits of tracks I have heard by Beyonce and Outkast suggest that their lights may be dimming. Bouncey in particular is just way to overexposed. She needs to go away for awhile. Keane, meanwhile, is just sort of there. More on that soon.

5. A certain blog for describing readers/lurkers as leeches and chastising them for not posting comments. Leeches? For music that none of us have a right to post in the first place? I have a number of friends who read this blog and never post, ever. That's just not their style and it's nothing personal against me. I am thankful that anyone gives it their precious time at all.

6. All these celebs, including my own Bitchin' Gwen, selling their baby pictures to tabloids. That is tacky ass shit. I hope they at least give the proceeds to charity.

7. Madonna's utterly lame new video for Get Together. What a waste.

Enough negativity for now. Back to some happy news (like the Pipettes!) soon...


countpopula said...

Could not agree with you more. Even I who worships the ground Morrisey treads think the new b-sides are just OK...I have grown to love the album though...maybe more than the last. Goldfrapp though--should we not even go there again? Let's not even mention how Mute/Warner gave up on Depeche Mode's best single and album in a decade. Great deluxe versions of Violator, Music for the Masses, & Speak & Spell though (love the new documentaries)!

D'luv said...

I remember the frustration I felt last year when Mute dropped the ball with Erasure in the UK (I had no expectations for anything in the U.S.) when Nightbird came out. They coulda pushed those 2nd and 3rd singles more... and even the album!

Anyway, as for Moz. I believe the very first comment I made on your blog way back in January or February was my disappointment in the album. It never grew on me.

Paul said...

ah my sweet and sour xo maguire ;) I completely agree on points two and five... why wait to release an album when duncan bloody james is released one week after his dodgy single came out and Mrs Robinson was released at all. Its bad career management and utterly frustrating for the fans...

and point five? like you i am just happy that people read my blog. If they choose to comment then so much the better but i am not crying into my marks and spencers hypoallergenic pillow about it. Sheesh. OOoo i am proper reet mad now i am!

plus helen and paul from big brother 2 (heats favourite couple) have split up. I blame me. weddings are like births and deaths - someone has to be split for someone to be joined (which i also think is a line from the gay kama sutra..?)

Daft Monk said...

Didn't that blog whining about comments thing happen a couple of weeks ago? I took it with a grain of salt because they mistook their blog for a forum. It's different formats and if you think that blogs are the most inviting place for a discussion you're on too much medication.

While Mute obviously dropped the ball with Goldfrapp in the US I don't think we should be surprised. The label just isn't set up to handle "big" releases primarily dealing in genre driven material that works outside of mainstream outlets like commercial radio. Since they are part of emi (I think) they should have passed the record to one of the larger divisions of the corporate giant who would have had the connections to possibly get the album proper exposure. Where Mute went wrong was in delaying the release half a year so they would be able to give us... nothing. They did get the band on the two major late night shows and "Ooh La La" gets some (minor) airplay on the local dance station, but that's it. It's all the more frustrating that they didn't even get the small tour properly promoted only announcing the dates the day before they went on sale.

However I think Warners did a fair job with the new DM. As of a couple of months ago "PTA" sold more than any the bands post-"SOFD" albums and at least in the Bay Area "Precious" is a radio staple on maybe five stations with "Suffer Well" getting more and more airplay on at least three. Of course, the band has toured the US twice in the past half year and played a festival. Maybe the band know how to properly promote a record.

Adrian said...

Ooh, because I'm bitchy like that, I want to know what this blog is. I'll go there + comment!

xolondon said...

Well, let's just say they made an obnoxious choice. (yes, there is a clue there)

To answer Daft Monk - this happened yesterday. You may be referring to another one, but that's not the one that bothered me. My issue with this blog is that 1) it's run by committee, so it's already schizo anyway. One day it's total hiphop and then it's pop - that's all just fine actually, but it's not the most intimate blog. It has personalities, but not personality, which doesn't engender posting comments. I comment all the time on blogs where there is interaction. I tend not to when the "producer" never responds at all. 2) That blog pushes the envelope on leaks and that's what really makes it popular. It's verrry up-to-date. Again, I have no room to slam them for that, BUT to cry that readers are "leeches" is a bit RICH when their content is...as it is. 3) I just grow weary of people who say "Oh, look how much work I did on this" when it's a hobby that's done out of a love of music or whatever. YES, it does take a lot of work, but you have to build respect to get it and slapping the newest leak up isn't necessarily the way to do that.

It's just my opinion. I like that blog well enough, but that post bothered me. If you look at the comments in response to it, of which there are now a zillion (ha!) everyone is like "OMG I am soooo sorry." Right, well are you, when you were basically told, "We know who you are, we know your IPs" etc. That's one of the things they said! I mean, really, Big Brother is watching?

good thoughts about Mute btw!

D'luv said...

By the way, XO, I had ill will toward Alison Goldfrapp after a colleague had interviewed her and she was a total b-eeeee-otch to him, but you've convinced me to check out the album and now it's kind of grown on me. Damn you!

Daft Monk said...

I was thinking of another blog which does a really good job with content that posted a similar complaint a bit ago. Interesting that it's in the air though given their weak argument for comments.

xolondon said...

I think that maybe Sparkpop said something ? but I didn't feel it was as attacking. This one has a vaguely menacing quality with that we know your IPs comment. Also, they have set up that post so it will stay at the top for weeks. Maybe it will actually work for them to get more comments.

countpopula said...

The Goldfrapp CD was upstreamed to EMI/Capitol proper, but it really didn't have the impact it should have. Yes, their songs got licensed much more to TV shows and commercials, but the sales have been spotty at best (except for the first week, possibly). As for Depeche, thinking about it, they may have sold more PTA than the past couple--unfortunately, my store sold about half than it did of Exciter, but I guess online sales would have taken a lot of those away, and they didn't play my market this tour, even though they played about an hour away twice! I still think Precious was a missed opportunity though.