June 17, 2006

New Lorraine!

Lorraine are inching their way to an album release. Their website has a sign-up for an album sampler, which includes one totally new song, Beautiful Thing. The track is one pea in a pod, if you know what I mean, but it grows on you after a few listens. The chorus is decent, though I agree with one fan who said he hopes they mix it up a bit on the album - they seem locked into a certain tempo. Having said that, their recent b-side Italian Girlfriend is a moody electronic masterpiece. It reminds me of Duran Duran for some reason - it's exactly the type of song that would open side 2 of a vinyl album.

Note also that the stunning, massive Saved is up for listening too, with a slight tweak on the mix. That song has American radio all over it. This was a fave of '05 and it still is..

Hear Beautiful Thing
here and now (click on the Time For New Music link on the right).
You can buy Italian Girlfriend on the I Feel It single.


D'luv said...

Did you see Lorraine are opening for Pet Shop Boys' Tower Of London shows? Hey, maybe PSB can get Dangerous Muse to open for their US shows... all the kids these days seem to be down with a little DM! And I heard that Dangerous Muse did a whole fashion spread in the July issue of Instinct! OMG. Okay, I'm leaving now.

xolondon said...

You are up early! I would think that a Dangerous Muse fashion shoot would involve very little clothing!