June 16, 2006

Martha Wainwright brings it.

Look at her! My God! She looks amazing because she IS. Read what the great blog Red Black Window said about her performance of "Stormy Weather" at the Rufus Carnegie show:

"...Tall and oh so sexy... Martha sells this number with a contagious madness. Her hand hovers over the side of her face as though she is about to go mad, I’m reminded a bit of David Byrne’s “same as it ever was…” scene in STOP MAKING SENSE. The timbre of her voice is so compact, full of information, and powerful, I was thrillingly exhausted at the end. The audience lept to their feet. You did it Martha."

Wow. And I missed it. It's really nice to see her finally getting her due. I'll say it again - and I know some of you feel the same - big things are coming for Martha. She is a gem.

Thanks to Roger Bourland for all the reports on his blog!

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