June 2, 2006

Martha Bloody Motherfucking Wainwright!

That's a really old, but cute, picture of Rufus and Martha Wainwright that I have wanted to use for ages. Martha gave a great interview to The Guardian recently. In it, she talks a lot about living in the shadow of Rufus and trying to figure out who she really is:

...She was out on the road with Rufus, working as his back-up singer. "I felt that it was a great experience," she cautiously sums it up, "and it probably made me a better musician, but I also felt that I was being taken advantage of." When he asked her to accompany him again as he toured his second album she was hesitant... [On stage with him] I became a character, a puppet. Rufus is very funny, it's charming. But I wasn't going to be hurt for the benefit of a laugh. He was torturing me like an older brother does"..."I wanted to do my own record when he said, 'I need you to put your thing on the back burner'. I said, 'I'll do it because I love you, but you can't make me feel like I only exist because you exist.'"

I love Martha. I didn't really say too much about seeing her live this year (peace out, RON and MEG!), but her performance was great. She should play Janis Joplin, because she has this wonderful mix of ballsy rocker chick and sweetheart pal who just wants to have a laugh. At the 9:30 show, her hair was a brilliant combo of Stevie Nicks in the Tusk era and Ann Wilson in the Bebe Le Strange era (or maybe that is the same hair?). Anyway, she knows what she's doing onstage, even when she seems a little loopy.

Here is a June 1
review of her live show from the Independent.

For my song sample, I chose to go with the truly brilliant "Factory" because "BMFA" is just too obvious: everybody knows it already. How did this family produce so many amazing songriters? I mean, what are the odds? Anyway, "Factory" is in my pantheon of songs with great first lines:
"These are not my people, I should never have come here/ Chick with a dick and the gift for the gab"


Trasha said...

i totally agree with you re: martha. i'm still so grateful that you turned me on to her--she has been woven into my spirit. i have always been unsure of whether i really like rufus or not (some good songs, lots of boring ones), but i had no doubts about martha. every single song is fantastic--she doesn't inherit her brother's boring musical nature.

xolondon said...

He's not boring! You just don't "get" him. She is very good though and I expect her next CD will be a big leap.