June 3, 2006

"Liquid Love"

No, sorry, I am not posting it. Not sure what the ramifications of that would be, but it has leaked everywhere and it sounds more like a completed song than a demo. This is an unreleased collaboration between, as J'ason D'luv would say, The Old Hooker and William Orbit for Music, so it has his distinct sound and very pretty, clear vocals. Not bad really, certainly better than the lesser songs on her new album.

There have been a lot of interesting little Madonna freebies since the album release: Superpop, Fighting Spirit (which sucks), Erotica/You Thrill Me and now this, which I would rank just below the new Erotica.

This week amuses me: First Bouncey announces her next album and Xtuna tries to knock her off the blogs by leaking her new single. Then Madonna squashes both the bitches with a pretty album leftover.


countpopula said...

Maybe she could actually release official versions of these for purchase, even as downloads. It's not like Confessions CD sales are still setting the world on fire--if "Get Together" doesn't do well, it would seem time to do another project, as Sorry was woefully overlooked (bad video?). Hopefully she won't ditch Stuart Price just yet, but William Orbit reunions sound like a good idea too. Maybe a more "pop" record next time? What's the consensus?

xolondon said...

I agree that Stuart needs to stick around for a bit longer and I bet he will. She could whip up some ambient ballads with "Billy Bubbles" though.

The Sorry video WAS. The worst in many years, minus the roller boogie at the end. I did get the snese the song was played in stores I was in etc. I think people KNOW it even if it didn't chart high.

Paul said...

madonna has always seemed to do slightly better in terms of chart placements in england in recent years... sorry was number 2 here i think and the lame video was all over the screen for months and still is... if she did another Like A Prayer next (bit of pop bit of dance few ballads, maybe steer clear of dear jessie) i would be a happy chappy