June 6, 2006

La semilla del diablo

To celebrate 06-06-06 like very other blogger, I will put up a song. I thought about a song created by the devil ("Muskrat Love" by Captain & Tennille), but decided to go a bit more esoteric and subtle.

The short clip above is from one of the creepiest movies ever made, Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby, released in late 1968. Set in The Dakota, it stars Mia Farrow as a lonely new bride who gets pregnant... and then the weirdness begins. I should note that my mother was pregnant with me during the whole time this movie was all the rage; it won some Oscars the month I was born! God knows what sort of psychological seed this planted in both of us...

Anyway, one of the most notable elements of the film is the eerie music by Krystof Komeda. A few years back, Goldfrapp did a b-side called "Gone To Earth" that is essentially an homage to Komeda. Take a look at the clip above to hear the source music and then listen to the Mp3 below. It's one of Goldfrapp's finest moments and always goes on mixes I make for friends.

Goldfrapp "Gone To Earth"

As a wee bonus, check out this hilarious fake trailer for Rosemary's Baby that make it look like a happy date movie about a woman having her first baby. Love the Enya touch!


V said...

One of my favorite actress' in Rosemary's baby - Ruth Gordon.

Paul said...

isn't it also the 60th anniversary of D-Day? (tries to remember history class from 16 years ago...)

orange anubis said...

xomg xo you have excelled yourself!! i love rosemarys baby beyond words and hadn't heard that goldfrapp track before. the trailer is hilarious too! thanks for brightening my devil day. :-)

babs said...

I've been saying, "It's all for you Damien" around the apt. the last two days but I've gotten it mixed up with Mommie Dearest and have substituted "It's all for you Christina." which works only in the sense that they're both kinda camp classics.

Also, the same person who talked to me about them was obsessed with both.