June 5, 2006

Keane gets to xolondon

Keane's new album is not a terrible record, but it's no Hope and Fears, not even close. They do nail it on some songs, but there are more than a few meh tracks. I urge you to get the single as the two b-sides are superior to some of the lesser CD tracks.

Full review of Under the Iron Sea coming soon!


V said...

"Cos if you don't need me - I don't need you"

I like those lines.

Sorry about the blow from your once close friend. You think you know someone.

You can know and be with someone for years and years until one day they show their true colors.

Take care.

babs said...

And of course I internalized like crazy and thought it was me even though I haven't talked to you recently and don't think that I've done anything recently to piss you off.

Note that I'm not sure and note that I've been apologizing for _everything_ recently. I know it's _not_ all about me and I so need to get over this.

But it _does_ suck mightily.

xolondon said...

You two nightbirds got the exclusive angry post which has now been edited, as often happens when I do a post like that. Thanks for your comments and NO, Babs, I was not referrig to you. :)

I am only an exhibitionist in certain situations! ;)

homoeclectic said...

Sorry to hear about your worries - on the Keane front, I was listening to album yesterday(isn't it funny how we all seem to get the leaks within hours of each other?) and frankly the album bored me to tears.

I think I've got to the stage where mournfull men and soaring strings just doesnt do it for me.

I want happiness I tell you. Happiness.

Faisal Jehan said...
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