June 28, 2006

Just go ahead and smile

Click on the pic of Lily Allen to get an official album teaser (with some weird added noises) for Alright, Still. Lily's new website is lush!

thanks to Gorilla vs. Bear


J'ason D'luv said...

Oh, XO, this is like putting a fly in the spiderweb for D'Luv.

Lilly looks like she just sat on a fire hydrant greased up with pancake syrup in this picture... and we all know it didn't go in the front door, okaaaay!

xolondon said...

u r trying to provoke me and I will not fall for it beeyotch!

J'ason D'luv said...

LOL... I'm just sittin' here drinkin' apple martinis and sayin' What up??!!!, that's all. Alright, I'm off to see Pink in concert... sigh... the bf's draggin' me.

Paul said...

aaah lovely lily distracts me from the j'ason d'noluv dislikeyness :) She is my summer siren