June 6, 2006

Given the various responses to my political post below, I am turning this blog into all politics, all the time. For our first meeting we will gather at midnight in a vaguely Eastern European town with our manifestos, logos and frosted mullets. Some will arrive on motorbike, some by horse-drawn buggy. We will light our torches and wave them... We'll stay the cold day with a lonely satellite. Whatever the fuck that means, we're doin' it bitches!


babs said...

New Moon on Monday! psyche!

D'luv said...

I'll repost this here since La Babs might not see the comment I did a few below: did I once read you were from Western PA, Babs?

The very first time I saw "New Moon On Monday" on MTV was after school one day at age 10... I was a total latch-key kid with liberal parents, so MTV was on all the time at our house... I always thought this song had a way catchier melody in the chorus than boring ol' "Rio" or "Hungry Like The Wolf." And yet, it was one of their lower-charting singles during Duran Duran's heyday (#10).

I was so excited when they had their comeback in '93, and I did an article on all the '80s acts making a comeback (Duran Duran, Sade, Siobahn Fahey ala Shakespear's Sister) in the college newspaper during my freshman year).

xolondon said...

You are a true 80's music geek, as is Barbara.

I will answer that she is from Bethlehem or near it. She is now in warmer climes.

V said...

Now I've gotta listen to that whole album. Which will probably make me want to listen to Rio and the rest.

babs said...

Bethlehem's on the Eastern part. Near Philly. Near Allentown. I only have crossed into the Western part usually to travel to the midwest. I still haven't made it to Pittsburgh.

I remember the video for New Moon clearly, as I do the one for the Reflex. But then I watched a hell of a lot of MTV in junior high and high. Plus, North and South on a semi-regular basis.

I may have to borrow my friend Steph's 7 and the Ragged Tiger which is where New Moon on Monday is from. We saw them in concert two or three years ago. Alas, my RIo Cd has gone missing as has my Beatles 1 cd. I love "Save a Prayer."

Duran Duran apparently played Musikfest during the "lean" years before or just around their comeback or renaissance. Musikfest is this musical festival in bethlehem where I saw Joan Baez circa 1983.

Ooh, Shakespeare's Sister. I think I have something from them on a tape from college.

Clash's "Straight to hell" is on. Epic.

John said...

I'll be there only if I can be the one to shake up the picture with the lizard mixture.

--johnny (Graduate, The Simon LeBon University of Lyricism, 1983)